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Want to go to a new exciting place, but donít have anyone to tag along? There may be times when you have to travel alone in a foreign land. Whether just for fun or on official business, you have to take safety measures.

Traveling alone need not be lonely. It could be fun in more ways than one. Donít be reluctant to travel just because your on your own. Just remember these things:

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*Plan ahead
Research and read about the place where youíre going. Know where the nearest hotel, restaurant, and such are located. Make reservations, too, if possible.

*Take a city map
You'd better study how to read maps. Needless to say, these can guide you where you are going, especially if itís the first time youíre going to that place. Relying too much on the cab driver is not a good idea. See Best Travel Accessories

*Learn the language
Just study the basics, and the most common things youíre likely to ask a local. Learn it before you arrive.

*Hide your valuables
Put your guard up. Donít invite muggers to come and get you. Donít wear too much jewelry outside on the streets. Use inexpensive accessories. See Best Travel Accessories

*Dress appropriately
Check what the locals wear on a given time of day. You donít want your clothes screaming youíre a tourist. The lesser attention you draw to yourself, the better.

*Donít be afraid to ask for directions
It would be okay to ask someone for directions, but be sure you are going to choose who to ask. You can ask a waiter in restaurant, or the receptionist in your hotel. Just be sure you get all information. Asking from a complete stranger outside is not advisable.

*Bring some cash
Take just enough. Travelerís checks and credit cards are good, and it could be your primary mode of payment, but you might want to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket with local money.

*Keep a Travel Journal
Write your daily thoughts and ideas in a private travel journal. Record your observations, your interesting conversations with the people you meet and visit, and your plans and ideas for your next travel adventure. See Writing about yourTravels.

Traveling alone can be one of your best experiences. With solo traveling, you will definitely learn more about your self and what you can do. Try it. It would be fun!


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