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The Guide to Lightening the Travel Load

Traveling with light luggage is a very basic, and simple guide. Yet it still remains as the most violated one. Selecting the best travel accessories* will help lighten the luggage load.

Surely, you have to pack everything that's needed for the trip. Don't leave anything behind that would definitely be used, but be practical about packing those things you "might need" or take along "just in case". Your luggage might become a real heavyweight burden.
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TO TOP of Best Travel Accessories

 Selecting the best travel accessories* is a very important consideration.

Here are some guidelines to determine what to pack for those trips:

1. Consider the number of days for the trip.

If the trip will be within one to three days, all the things that a traveler may need could fit in hand-carried luggage. Decide on the number of clothes needed and add another set, in case of accidents. More than that would just weigh down the baggage unnecessarily.

If, upon arriving, you determine that the trip must be extended, you can always shop for clothes or have the used ones washed. If you pack a few accessories, just mix-match these for a different ensemble.

2. Determine the nature of the trip. What type of events will you attend during the trip?

This will help in deciding what type of clothes to take. If you barely have time to run or exercise in the morning, then, it will be unnecessary to pack running shoes. If there is barely time for social gatherings, then leave the formal evening outfits at home.

If unsure of the schedule during the trip, then choose clothes that may be worn for casual and formal meetings and even formal dinner parties.

3. When packing, roll the clothes carefully to maximize the space of the suitcase. Place the heavier garments on the lower part of the suitcase to balance its weight. The smaller garments, such as the socks, should be placed to fill the spaces between the larger clothes.

4. Ship accumulated souvenirs home instead of carrying them home together with your luggage. If these are fragile, make sure they are insured. Another option is to have some clothes shipped home instead, and pack the souvenirs with the luggage or in the hand-carried bag.

5. Our favorite 'Seasoned Traveler's' Tips and Suggestions on selecting the best travel accessories and relaxation ideas:

Put wrinkle free articles in large plastic zip lock bags, roll them tightly to remove the air, zip them closed and then lay them flat in your luggage.
Pack a few extra larger size zip lock bags for dirty clothes.
Visiting a foreign city? Buy a street map with English titles before leaving home. Laminated maps are perfect when you're in Rome, for example - trying to find your way to the Coliseum on a rainy or windy day.

A neck pillow* is a welcome travel accessory, especially for long airplane flights --

-- so is an eye cover*. It helps make napping easier on a long flight or if your jet lag mixes up your body clock as you cross into new time zones
Don't forget ear plugs* if noisy passengers keep you awake

A money belt* that fits around your waist under your clothes will safely hold your travelers checks, money, and other essential documents
Carry a small bottle of hand cleansing lotion in your purse or brief case - clean hands are refreshing - and healthy
 - same for facial wipes or tissues.
Carry a small magnifying mirror* in your purse
A travel tooth brush* and small tube of tooth paste come in handy when taking a long trip
Choose a battery operated portable alarm clock* with easy to read numbers that glow in the dark.

A good book, magazine or word puzzle publication will help pass your waking hours on a long  flight.
Try to find one of the popular fabric travel bags* that fold into a small and compact size and pack it with your main luggage. It'll come in handy when returning home with some of the extra items one always seems to acquire on vacation trips.

Lightening the load and minimizing travel stress can help you arrive at your travel destination less tired and more refreshed.


(*)Many of these convenience items are available in popular local  and online specialty stores