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Biodynamic Gardening Red Light

Plants are very helpful to the species of human. The reason behind this is that plants emit the very gas that keeps every bit of cell in the body in good living condition. Plants also provide the food and at times the fluid necessary for the continuity of life on earth. They too supply the materials needed in order to put up a shelter that can serve as protection from both heat and cold. Although at times they can be very pesky as in the case of biodynamic gardening and farming.

Since most organisms in this existence compete for the nourishment no matter how simple or complex the setting and situation are. There are times when plants themselves have to struggle in order to meet their own nutritional needs. This is where biodynamic techniques come in the picture as one of its facets includes weed control.

The management of weeds is actually the botanical component of pest control. It focuses on ceasing weed development before it reaches a specific point of growth that can result into maturity. Mature weeds can pose as harmful threats to domesticated plants and livestock via chemical and physical means. Weed maturation is not only the target of biodynamic methods as spreading and increase in population are also given ample time and consideration.

Organic is the name of the game when it comes to biodynamic principles. There are numerous combined methods that are commonly tapped on. Drip irrigation is the use of rubber hoses and similar devices in order to deploy water directly to the roots of plants. This act will limit the access of weed to water.

Manpower is very important in maintaining the optimum condition of plants. Weed control can also be triggered via manual labor. In this case workers are called on to pull weeds at specific times during the cultivating process. Tractors are common machineries that provide for mechanical tilling of weeds around crops during scheduled points of the growing process.

Ploughing is another form of tilling but this time the soil is involved. This can either be intercultural or summer ploughing. Deep summers are the highlight of summer ploughing. This ploughing variety also aids in pest removal and killing. The aim of the whole ploughing method is to till the soil and uproot the weeds leading to their elimination and eradication.

Plants can also be utilized to kill their own species that are causing havoc on the cultivation development. The method used in this scenario is called crop rotation. The rotation of crops is done in order to provide a time for plants that can kill weeds to take the battlefield. Examples of such plants are hemp and Mucuna pruriens. A weed mat or artificial mulch in the form of fibrous cloth or bark can also be placed on the top portion of the soil to avoid weed growth on the surface.

Biodynamic gardening and farming is not only about promoting positive aspects of agriculture. It is also made to outlast all sorts of destructive environmental elements that are constantly present no matter how big or small they are.


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Biodynamic Gardening Red Light  biodynamic farming and gardening resources image
Biodynamic Gardening Red Light  biodynamic farming and gardening image

Biodynamic Gardening Red Light  biodynamic farming and gardening resources image
Biodynamic Gardening Red Light  biodynamic farming and gardening image

Biodynamic Gardening Red Light  image