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The Biodynamic Gardening Persona

History is filled with many people that have made a lot of difference. It is in this difference that countless lives have been uplifted. It is through this difference that many forms of society and community have made it pass through all sorts of catastrophes and trying times. These handful men and women have carved their way not only on the irreplaceable pages of time but also within the hearts of each human being they have touched. Let’s meet the man behind the birth of biodynamic gardening.

It was on that fateful year of 1924 when a certain group of farmers that were so much concerned with the way agriculture was progressing came straight towards the aid of a man named Rudolf Steiner. Steiner swiftly obliged to their plea by holding different phases and series of lectures regarding agriculture. This paved the way for the birth of a revolution in farming and gardening. Biodynamic methods came straight into the scene and rapidly took a position of stardom in dominant areas of North America, Europe, and Australia.

The main focus of the teaching given by Mr. Steiner is the concept of farm individuality. This involves having few or no external sources of farm manipulation. Only the materials that were naturally and innately within the farm should be allowed to circulate within its circles. These consisted of manure and animal feeds that were purely part of what Steiner tagged as farm organisms.

Steiner also introduced a unique aspect of the botanical world wherein activities are to be timed accordingly with the movement patterns of heavenly bodies. One very good example is planting and applying additional preparations and treatments during the time when planets and the moon are in good alignment. The reason behind this principle is that there are higher chances of absorbing natural materials that were specifically designed to boost the components and general structure of the soil. Although Steiner might have some eccentric and unconventional ideas during his sessions he still encouraged the farmers to test his teaching scientifically.

It was during the early years of the 20th century when the concept of inorganic fertilizers began to invade the agricultural industry particularly condensed nitrogen which was administered via aerial means. Steiner was not slow at letting the agricultural field know his thoughts. He believed that as part of a general law mineral manures should not be utilized to treat the plants since they bring forth a significant loss of nutritive value.

Steiner also took notice of how the quality of food during the past years has deteriorated. He pointed out that the very culprit for this happening is the appearance of chemical farming. He was firmly against the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Mr. Steiner was not only concerned on the biological and chemical shift that the soil had to undergo. He saw that there were spiritual shortcomings in terms of how chemical faming was developed and practiced.

As a man of biodynamic gardening and farming, Rudolf Steiner stood on the approach known as monism wherein a specific environment and its constituents simultaneously exist both in physical and spiritual aspects. In addition, living matter according to Steiner was entirely of separate realms with dead matter. This is the why synthetic forms of enhancements are very much different from their living counterparts.


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The Biodynamic Gardening Persona biodynamic farming and gardening resources image
The Biodynamic Gardening Persona biodynamic farming and gardening image

The Biodynamic Gardening Persona biodynamic farming and gardening resources image
The Biodynamic Gardening Persona biodynamic farming and gardening image

The Biodynamic Gardening Persona image