An Overview of the History of Blogging

Do you know what blogging is? Well, if you still don’t know yet, blogging has played a very important role in politics. And this is true to almost every country around the world. If you're looking for news and information, blogs are just the right source.

If you want to know more about blogging, you should look into its history. Before blogs became popular online, digital communities had many forms such as Usenet, commercial online services like BiX, Genie, CompuServe, BBS, and email lists. By the 1990's, WebEx was able to create running conversations. They used 'threads' which serve as topical connections. Some say that blogging is just like the 20th century's project on Mass Observation.

Brian Redman managed mod.ber and it was created in 1983. He and some of his associates posted interesting summaries of threads and postings that took place somewhere on the internet. It was strongly likened to blogs because of the style in journal publishing being used. The posted summaries also contained links to cool places and other interesting places chosen by a certain blogger. However, mod.ber no longer operated after about eight months.

Blogs are like online diaries because it tells about the personal lives of the bloggers. The writers often call themselves journalers, journalists, or diarists, and escribitionists. Journal communities are already present online especially nowadays. One of the early bloggers known in history was Brad Fitzpatrick. Jerry Pournelle and Justin Hall were also early bloggers. Way back in 1994, there was an early blog which combines text, pictures, and video and it was transmitted live using an EyeTap device and wearable computer.

The first ever hired blogger was Steve Gibson and his blogs together with that of Stephen Heaslip which evolved from John Carmack plans. Carmack was a game programmer who published a popular journal through 'finger protocol'. Ritual Entertainment hired Gibson last February 1997.

You can find both personal homepages and corporate sites that contain blogs. Oftentimes, these sites have news and 'what's new' sections. Drudge Report is a very good example of a weblog that focused on news. It was founded by Matt Drudge, a maverick reporter. In 1998 the Institute of Public Accuracy began posting news-pegged quotes, usually one-paragraphed, and it was released a number of times each week. Tongue-in-cheek was also a noted blog precursor updated by Kibo, a Usenet legend.

The blogs recognized by people today are produced through a distinct class online publishing. Thanks to the evolution of the tools used in the production, facilitation, and maintenance of all the web articles. The feasible publishing process resulted to a larger and less technical populace. There are now a lot of hosting services exclusively for blogs and they are run through the use of blog software. Some examples are Movable Type, WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger, and many other regular hosting services on the web.

The term blog was first used by P. Merholz by breaking the word weblog to 'we blog'. Later on, blog was adopted as a verb and a noun. When you say 'to blog', it means to post or to edit a weblog.

At present, blogs play a very important role since many political candidates, political consultants, and new services are using them. The blogs are opinion forming and it can effectively bond with a blogger's desired constituents. Blogging is already part of the web's infinite services and many people are using it for different purposes. How about you, do you want to become a blogger?



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