What are Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

There are already several alternative sources of energy. One of these alternative sources was originally intended for space programs but now, some studies are already considering it for car use. Hydrogen fuel cells are indeed gaining much attention in todays times when there is a great need for another energy source.

The hydrogen fuel cells are just like traditional batteries. A chemical reaction produces electricity and electrical charge. However, there is still a difference. You see, with batteries, power is produced if the cell is continuously supplied with hydrogen. To understand how the fuel cells work, read on.

The cells size and hydrogen flow determines the electricity produced. When a chemical reaction occurs between air and hydrogen, three things are produced namely heat, water, and electricity. Fuel cells lower heat output as compared to other sources of energy like the fossil fuels. But still, there are advantages in using hydrogen fuel cells.

One obvious advantage is that fuel cells are clean since the byproducts are heat and water. These byproducts cant harm the environment. Fuel cells have efficiency rates ranging from 45-53% as compared to gasoline with only 20% efficiency rate.

Whenever electricity is required, you can use fuel cells. The size of fuel cells is scalable. Fuel cells can therefore be created small to power an MP3 player or even large enough to give a town its needed electrical power. Aside from providing electrical power to certain things, it can also supply the needed rotary power by cars.

At present, car manufacturers worldwide are looking at hydrogen fuel cells are an alternative to the combustion engines. There are already pictures of hydrogen powered vehicles online; if you want, you can check them out if you have the time. If ever the hydrogen powered vehicles will become a reality in the near future, the dependency of many countries to petroleum will be reduced and not only that, pollution will be cut down.

Currently, fuel cells are installed in some neighborhoods and industrial buildings to provide electrical power. Within the next 50-100 years, hydrogen fuel cells will completely replace petroleum since they have broad social and commercial applications. Remote settlements can now depend on fuel cells for power. Portable devices can also be provided with renewable power through the fuel cells.

Countries from all over the world are looking for a clean and dependable energy source. With the continued support from the government and commercial establishments, the use of fuel cells will soon be a guaranteed success.

Hydrogen fuel cells are truly great but theres one consideration. In order to produce fuel cells, energy is needed and at present, fossil fuels serve as the source of energy. Scientists and experts are still conducting studies and researches to find other ways to produce fuel cells safely. At the moment, fossil fuels are being used to produce the hydrogen fuel cells but hopefully, new sources of energy will be discovered to further improve its production.

Now you know what hydrogen fuel cells are all about. The fuel cells are not mainly used for providing electricity because currently the automakers are trying to manufacturer cars that are fueled by hydrogen.

If you want to keep abreast with the developments of hydrogen fuel cells, log on to the internet and you will always be kept up to date. It is always good to be well-informed.


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