Skiing Vacation in the West

Winter is near and many families are already planning for their winter vacation. Many people are into winter sports like skiing and there are lots of mountain getaways that you can visit next time you have a vacation. If you want to experience the best skiing vacation ever, why not choose among the best skiing vacation destinations in the west?

California is on top when it comes to skiing vacations. Aside from the sand and beautiful beaches where you can surf, Hollywood’s glamour, and Napa Valley’s vineyards, there are also excellent ski resorts in California that you can visit where you can pursue different winter sports like skiing.

If ever you’re in California, you can drop by at the Nevada Mountain Range and check out the ski resort at Mammoth Mountain. This resort is among the best. Each season, snowfall reaches 150 inches. There are even times when it reaches 250 inches. Enthusiastic skiers will definitely love this resort. Hangman Hollow is the favorite hang out of expert skiers because of its steep mountainsides. You can also do some cross country skiing or you can try the half pipe which suits skiers who want to make it to the Olympics.

Mount Shasta Resort is also a well known ski resort in the west. This resort is found in California’s northern border at the mountain range of Siskiyou. Aside from skiing, you can also engage in hiking and snowmobiling. After several hours of skiing, you can Black Bear Restaurant’s delicious meals. If you love home made desserts, you can try their delicious homemade pies.

You can find numerous slopes in Oregon, north of Mount Shasta. On the Cascade Range, you can find Timberline Lodge which is also among the best resorts. It is a historic chalet found in Mt. Hood and you can ski in this beautiful resort all days of the year. Palmer Snowfield is very near Timberline Lodge where you can enjoy a snowy retreat.

If you can still make it northwards, you can find British Columbia. While you’re there, you can try Whistler where you can also ski all year round with rare exceptions. The Blackcomb scenery is incredible and you can have a fabulous time in doing different winter sports, especially skiing. After a very tiring day of skiing, you can now enjoy the nightlife together with your friends.

These are only several of the best ski resorts you can find in the western parts of the United States. There are also excellent ski destinations in western Canada. If you’re already stressed or burned out from work, you can enjoy a memorable skiing vacation in any of the resorts mentioned earlier. For those who live in the western parts of the US, you live very close to the best ski resorts in the world; so why not spend your vacation there? After a fabulous vacation, you will surely feel rejuvenated and you can work with a fresh start.

Plan your skiing vacation carefully and make sure that you consider factors like budget, date of vacation, and other things. You can also compare various ski resort packages and choose the one that can work within your budget. You can have a vacation together with your family and friends this coming winter. With careful planning, you can have the most fabulous and happy vacation ever.


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