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Patio Herb Gardens for Fresh Herbs

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If you donít have any room outside for a garden, you can still grow some herbs. Instead of planting an outdoor garden, simply start a container garden or patio herb garden.

A patio herb garden can give you the same satisfaction of knowing that you are cooking with fresh, pesticide free, organically grown herbs that a traditional in-ground herb garden gives you.

To have a successful Patio herb garden, start by selecting a area that receives a lot of sun throughout the day. Few herbs are happy growing in shady conditions.
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Since you have very limited growing space, you'll have to be fairly selective. Think about which herbs and spices you use most frequently and choose several of those herb plants. Some popular herbs that do well when they are grown indoors are chives, parsley, aloe vera, and bay trees.

patio herb garden with plants in containersWhile a patio herb garden is fairly low maintenance, you should check the plants at least once a week to see if they need to be watered. Donít just pour in the water automatically, since one of the most common problems with indoor plants is over-watering. Instead, test the soil with your finger to see if it feels dry to the touch.

Also, you should plan to fertilize your herbs with special plant food spikes during the growing season. Because the plants are in containers, they canít pull any more nutrients from the soil once theyíve used what is there.

If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, think about how delightful and convenient it will be to clip the garden fresh parsley, chives, rosemary, fennel, or sage and put them in a simmering pot just as you need them.

For all year round cooking, dry and save the fresh herbs you don't have an opportunity to use. Your family and friends will be envious of your home grown herbs and spices.

Herbs will keep best in bottles of darkly colored glass, Display them proudly on a shelf in your kitchen for all to see.

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