How to Design an Herb Garden and Plant it for the Best Results

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Maintaining your Herb Garden.

     Most herbs are fairly easy to maintain. You don't need to water them every day if you soak the soil thoroughly by deep watering.

 lavender blooms                       
Dead Head (pick off) the flower buds as they appear to keep the plants growing to their fullest, healthiest, and most abundant size.

     They don't really need fertilizer but a little compost mixed in the soil is helpful.

     The biggest concern you'll have is weeding. Keep the weeds out of the garden so the Herb plants can thrive on all of the nutrients in the soil.      
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Maintaining your Herb Garden

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Early Herbal Healers

Banish Bug Bites

Herbal Medicine
     Controlling pests is just a normal part of gardening. Keep a good watch on your Herb plants for evidence of problems. Try to avoid manufactured chemical pesticide treatments. You are going to eat your herbs.

     There are many organic and natural methods to combat garden pests - Soap spray, diatomaceous earth (a non-toxic powder made from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life is deadly to any insect and completely harmless to all other living creatures).

 lady bugs eat aphids                                     
Purchase ladybugs or praying mantises to put in your garden, (they get rid of the "bad" bugs and don't harm your plants). These are just a few of the approaches you can consider.

    You have now designed and planted your first herb garden that will bring you much pleasure and a full sense of accomplishment. Enjoy!

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