If you are in the process of building a new home or renovating your current home, consider building green in order to help protect the environment.

  This includes not only making wise building material choices, but also keeping your home running efficiently and using alternative energy sources (that is, not just oil, coal, and natural gas) to power your family's electrical and heating needs.

  There are many techniques that green houses can use to conserve energy, and many are do-it-yourself improvements that can be made easily in even existing homes.

  By conserving energy, we use less fossil fuel, giving the world more time to develop alternative energy resources and technology before the earth is depleted of these natural resources.

  Homes use a lot of energy every year, and your annual electricity bill probably reflects that.

  Cut those costs in half by employing some alternative energy technique

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Building a Green

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Solar Cells - How
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Biofuel as an

Ethenol - Gas of the

Hybrid Vehicles
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The Greenhouse Effect
The Future of
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Geothermal Energy
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Goodbye Fossil Fuels?
  First, consider that advantages of making the many minor repairs around your home that you've been meaning to do for a long time.

  For example, fix windows that are leaking or doors that let in gusts of air. This can significantly lower your heating and cooling costs.

  Also research the types of air conditioning and refrigeration units you use in your home. Sometimes, the least expensive units can cost you the most over the long run because they are inefficient.

Consider using solar energy in your home. These units, which include the use of solar panels or solar heating options, can be expensive and time consuming to install, but you can save thousands of dollars on your electricity bills over time.

   The same is true for hydroelectric options and wind energy options. Small kits are now available that you can install to provide your house with some of the power you use, but it takes time and money to begin these projects.

   If you find it difficult to maintain your sources of alternative energy, be sure your house is equipped to handle fossil fuels as well.

  Renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and water power can help you create a cleaner earth. By using these technologies, you are not contributing to the greenhouse effect or causing air pollution in your neighborhood.

    Alternative energies are also available to use in your vehicles, so research these options as well if you want to live a more environmentally  friendly lifestyle.

  Building green is only the first step.


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