BioFuel - Energy from Living matter
Biofuel is an alternative to nuclear or fossil fuels that is classified as renewable and is very abundant on earth. This option is derived from plant matter and burned to release the chemical energy that is stored in a plant during the process of photosynthesis.

  Many things can be classified as biofuel. Like coal and other fossil fuels, biofuel is a form of stored solar energy; however, unlike other fuels that capture the suns power, biofuel is biodegradable, so its production and use is not harmful to the environment.

  There are many examples of biofuels being used or researched for use today.

  One of the most popular and highly used forms of biofuel is biologically produced alcohol. The most common example of this is ethanol, which is being produced in countries such as Brazil, the United States, and Canada.   

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Ethanol can be produced in a variety of ways, but currently is created with sugar cane, corn and straw and is becoming more and more popular in Europe and locations around the world.

Other biologically produced alcohol examples are methanol and butanol.

  Typically, biofuels are used for home cooking and heating. By burning wood and other biodegradable materials in a special stove, homeowners can save money and help keep the environment clean.

 Corn is a new form of biofuel that is beginning to become popular on the energy market. Because it costs less than half as much money as using electrical heat and over 75% less than using propane, burning corn is an option that some homeowners use to save money.

 As using biofuels becomes more and more popular in homes across the nation and around the world, people must learn the hazards of cooking with such methods.

  Burning some biofuels can produce toxins, which are harmful in a contained area. Always use these methods with proper ventilation. The use of biofuels is especially abundant on farms, where there is an unlimited free source many times, and many have died from improperly ventilated areas.

  More research is being done on other types of biofuels that may be efficient in running automobiles and other forms of transportation at less cost to consumers. These options are also generally more environmentally friendly.

 By supporting such research, individuals may be able to learn how biofuels are already at work in the world and how they can efficiently become a bigger part of our lives.
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