The Advantages of Wind Power
As the United States and the rest of the world seeks alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear energy, one of the most basic and oldest types of energy, wind power, is coming into play once again.

  Wind energy is a great renewable resource. The technologies to convert wind power into useable forms of electricity and other energies began when the first windmills were built hundreds of years ago in Europe.

   Now, the technology associated with wind energy conversion is being researched once again to help alleviate some of the country's energy stresses.

  Although there are some strong opponents to using wind power, the many advantages to this form of alternative energy cannot be overlooked.

  First and foremost, wind energy is clean and healthy for our environment.

   Wind is 100% natural, and unlike other forms of energy, such as fossil fuels or nuclear, we can use wind's power without creating harmful byproducts that are released into our environment.

Build a Wind Generator
  You can build a 1000 watt
homemade wind generator for
  under $100 (including plans) in about 2 weekends using
  readily available and quickly obtainable parts
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