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Homeowners want to beautify the homes. This could mean adding flowers to compliment the color of the house, putting figurines in the garden, and by making the place attractive for birds.

Since there are many species of birds and some are only around during the migration period, it's best to study each species.
wild birds

Learn the kinds of food the birds eat and select plants to attract the desired species. To learn more about the kinds of birds that visit your area, ask neighbors or members of the local bird watching club or contact the Audobon Club.

use wild flowers in your landscape design to attract birds Use wildflowers in your plantings. Birds that eat seeds like quails, gold finches, and doves find wildflowers attractive..

birds housesIn order for birds to stay for more than a day and to protect them from bad weather and predators, you can put a birdhouse in the garden. If you want to make it look more natural, an artificial tree can also be used.


birdfeeders attracts birdsHanging birdfeeders in the garden area will bring the birds in to check out your habitat. Be sure to select squirrel proof feeders.

For birds to be present all year round, you should check for the kinds of plants that can survive where you live - even during the winter.

A good example is a conifer in the form of shrubs or trees. These also serve as good nesting places during the summer. Some types of conifers provide buds, seeds and sap.

Since not all plants work well with certain types of soil, you can also check with a gardener before choosing which plants to buy.

Birds need water to survive. You can add a fountain or a pond in the garden where birds can bathe and drink. Decorative bird baths can serve a double purpose. They look nice and as long as you keep them filled with cool clean water, they will attract a variety of birds.

bird watching with binocularsLandscaping the garden for the benefit of birds is a rewarding project. It will take time to finish, especially if you have started out with seedlings. Take pictures to see the changes through the months.

Once you have finished you can enjoy bird watching and listening to the happy bird songs from the comfort of your own home.



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Bird Watching is a fantastic hobby.
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