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Choosing the Perfect Landscaping
             Contractor for You

Investing in a home landscaping project is a smart decision. Time, a budget, and a properly laid out plan are things to consider

Included in the investment is the search for the best professional landscape contractor available who can stay within your budget and yet do an acceptable job.

You do not want a “run-of-the-mill job” that you see elsewhere in your neighborhood, but one that you have envisioned and that suits your specific needs.

planning your landscaping designStart with a well thought-out plan. Put it in writing and identify the needs and requirements of the project.

Prepare your budget. Will your dream garden be feasible? Is it practical or do you need to make some adjustments and/or compromises?

Identify alternatives if your budget fails to accommodate your vision. Having a plan, budget, and timetable for your landscape project will make it easier for you to negotiate with your landscape contractor. He is your practical accomplice in ensuring that this project will meet your budget and that it will look as much as possible like you had envisioned.


landscaping contractorWith everything in order, you are now ready to choose your landscape contractor.

• A landscape contractor can do many jobs for you. Make sure you identify what help you want from him. If you like to work in the garden and want to do some of the work yourself, tell your contractor about it and work with him so that he will know what is expected of him. This will make the work less expensive.

• Be sure that you have already identified what you want in the landscape design. This should be in your preparatory plan before you even speak to a professional contractor. Do let him know that you would appreciate his professional expertise and input – this will put him at ease.

• Know the landscape companies that you are contacting and negotiate with them. Gauge their level of experience and the quality work by asking for photos or tours of their previous projects. You should also ask for references and their professional affiliations.

Be sure that the company is operating legally. This will ensure you that the contractor will be accountable to you.

make arrangements with a reputable landscaping company• Everything you agreed to must be in ‘black and white’. Never walk away without a written contract!

Here are some of the pertinent things that you should remember in making your selection:


1. Ask for referrals
The best way to find a good landscaping firm is to ask friends, neighbors and family members. One can get more information in an hour talking with his neighbor or others who have had experience in hiring a landscaping firm than a whole day trying to search the Internet for information.

research landscaping servicesAlthough the Internet is a good way to look for prospective landscaping firms, it might not be able to answer many of the most important questions that you might have.

landscaping contractor laying patio pavers2. Check the services offered by the firm
Different landscape firms offer different services. Check if the landscaping firm has all the services that you will need to
                            complete your project.

3. Contact the Firm
Try contacting them by telephone and ask some basic questions. You should also set up a personal meeting with the landscapers. An initial assessment of the firm's customer service should be made. Small things usually reflect the general attitude of a firm toward its clients.

4. Investigate
If personal referrals won't give you security, you may want to check to validate the firm's authorization and licenses. Don't forget to ask if they are offering liability insurance since you might need that information in the future.

Finding a good landscaping firm is not that hard if you take the necessary steps to do so. In the end, it's a matter of assessing the over-all package that is offered by the firm against your needs.

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