Landscaping Tips for Home Owners and Garden Lovers  

Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

Landscaping your home is improving the characteristics of the surroundings for aesthetic or practical uses.

One important practical use is to increase the perceived value of your home if you are planning to sell it, refinance a mortgage or increase your net worth.
For what ever reason you and your family have for wanting to enhance the appearance, home landscaping will be easy for you since you know very well what needs to be improved.

The first thing that you need to do is sketch your home’s outline and floor plan as situated on your property. Mark the North Direction with an arrow.  

From there you can create various designs that will suit your taste. It will be easier to scale your drawings if you use graph paper to sketch your plot plan.
planning your landscape design
Once you finish your sketch, you can start designing your home landscape  plan. List the supplies that you need before your start. Don't forget to plan your budget as well.

Think about the potential for conserving energy - heating and cooling costs can be cut by up to 25 percent with careful landscape design.

Consider the seasons when planning on remodeling the area around your home. A hammock under a shady tree works well during the summer, but what happens during the winter? Create a landscape that works well all-year round. Also think about other elements of nature like insects and humidity.   

landscaping fence and flower garden design for privacyIf you are looking for a little privacy, be creative in using plants, fences and arrangements.

Other things that you need to consider when landscaping are:

    • A well-planned backyard drainage system can prevent those “wet areas”
    • The composition of the soil and its quality affects the types of
      greenery that you can plant in your yards.

    • Check which parts of the house and yard have appropriate sunlight.
      This also determines where you can place furniture and plants.

    • Look at your yard from the inside of the house when designing it.
      Design your plantings and hardscaping so you can appreciate the
      beauty of your yard from inside your home
    • Ask yourself: How big is the planting area?

    • How long will it take to finish your redesigning project?

    • Look at your house from the street. Look at it as a prospective
      buyer would. Does it have curb appeal? Now's the time to make it
      the envy of your neighbors and a bright spot in your neighborhood.
      It will certainly pay off in the future should you decide to move .

Landscaping your home doesn't have to be completed in a few days, or a week. It can be a summer project for the family. Many new and creative ideas will come to mind as you all work together, and with good planning and careful attention, your home will become more beautiful with each passing year.

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