Tips for Great Last Minute Economy Travel

Saving money would probably be your biggest obligation when you start traveling, but when you have to harass a few people, pull a few strings, and do everything at the last minute, can you still expect to have some money left over at the end of the day? Economy travel would be great if you know how to get it, and even at the last minute. If you are anticipating that you will be going through a lot of last minute travel, then you may want to take note of these tips.

- Always have a great travel agent from a travel agency that knows how to handle travel mishaps. This includes last minute travel arrangements, which can drive even the best travel agencies crazy. You need to have a reliable travel agent who can be on call and efficient, so that no matter how late your last minute is, you can still get the trip that you want and not be worried that you will end up somewhere on the other side of the planet without your luggage.

- Always have info on hand about economy travel discounts. On your off times, ask about these discount travel packages, because when you do need them, they may be useful. Ask about the rates and how they change when you start doing last minute travel. Ask how far you can stretch your last minute Ė or, how last minute can last minute be? Ask about special discounts or packages that you may be able to avail of if you have last minute travel arrangements.

- Keep your passport in a safe place and know where it is. Many travel agencies require a passport when they start booking flights and hotels, and when you do get to the hotel that you have been booked with, you will be asked for your passport. You can get your discounted packages only if you are able to present your passport, so make sure that your passport is with you at all times.

- Ask your family and friends for tips on last minute travel. There may actually be ways for you to save if you know where to look, but sometimes, two or more heads are better than one. You may actually get a lot of good tips from your friends. Ask about their travel arrangements on their last minute travel spree.

Who did they talk to, what agency did they ask about travel, and what airline did they use? Where did they go? What did they like the most about the trip? What was the worst thing that happened? Would they be able to recommend you to anybody working in the airline or travel industry? Ask your friends ahead of time, so that when the last minute travel arrangements suddenly pop up, you will not be ill prepared.

- Look for discount packages that are a little more flexible, such as those that give you time to look around cities, walk around, take hikes, and shop on your own. Some economy packages might be stringent and tour guides will harass you by taking you from place to place, giving you very little time to appreciate your destination on your own.

These are only a few tips that you may want to use when you are considering last minute travel and going economy. Remember, always talk to your travel agent, and do not be afraid to do your research.

The more thorough your research, the better prepared you will be no matter when in the year you choose to travel.


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