Curb Your Hunger and Lose More Than 10 Pounds

The hardest part of changing the way you eat is to eliminate hunger pangs and cravings. The body has been so used to being full all the time that it causes you to eat in-between meals. This habit is certainly one of the leading causes of unnecessary weight gain. Most of the time, the food you eat during snacks are unhealthy although satiating. That is why it is important to know how to curb your hunger. Not only will this cause you to lose more weight and faster but also adapt a healthier lifestyle free of extra calories and fats.

Hunger, Satisfaction and Your Appetite

Most people believe that these three terms share a common meaning. That is not the case, however. The appetite doesnít necessarily mean hunger while hunger is not satiety or satisfaction. For starters, the appetite is more synonymous to cravings. It is characterized by a strong desire to eat a particular kind of food, i.e. ďI have an appetite for chocolate cake right now.Ē

On the other hand, hunger is a condition that usually occurs when the body is in dire need of nutrition. It is accentuated by shakiness, edginess, headache, and growling of the stomach. Lastly, satisfaction or satiety is simply the feeling of fulfillment or fullness. Most often, people stop eating when they are already satiated.

Factors That Play a Major Role

The three terms associated with eating (hunger, appetite and satisfaction) are affected by certain hormones of the body such as leptin, cholecystokin, ghrelin and insulin. All of these hormones cause the body to experience specific needs for nourishment. In addition, they affect a personís behavior and thoughts in relation to hunger, satisfaction and appetite.

One popular example of this is when a person feels an intense desire to eat more even if he or she already ate enough. During this circumstance, the endocrine gland produces excessive hormones that cause the personís satiety level. The overproduction of the hormone leptin can also induce intense appetite sometimes causing the person to desire highly unhealthy foods.

Managing Your Hunger

There are several ways that can help you manage your hunger effectively. Creating irregular eating periods can cause the body to adapt to the new meal schedule. This doesnít mean, though, that you should eat erratically but rather scatter meals all throughout the day.

Consuming less starchy and sugar-filled meals can also decrease your hunger levels. Excessive consumption of sugar can cause fluctuations of your blood sugar that will not only affect the way you lose weight but also cause eventual diabetes. Lastly, simple elimination of hunger and appetite stimuli can help manage the weight better. Make sure you decrease the amount of unhealthy desserts and snacks at your home.

Managing Your Satiety

It is important to know that there are several factors that contribute to increase satiety. One is lessening the time gap between meals or eating every two to three hours. Also, eating a high protein diet can also cause effective satiety since protein has been known to cause satiety.

Fiber, which helps digestion and clean the digestive tract, can also cause prolonged satiety since the body needs more time to digest fiber enriched foods. Incorporating fiber and protein rich food in your diet can effectively curb your hunger.



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