Sailing Vacations in the United States

In choosing a destination for you sailing vacations in the US, always make your safety, comfort, and legalities as the main priorities. For those who don’t have any sailing experience in the US or to any other part of the world, it is best to rent a crewed boat wherein everything will be provided to you. The crew will ensure your safety because they are experienced enough to handle all kinds of cases in the middle of the sea.

A crewed boat also ensures that you have everything that you need—from accommodation, food, and even entertainment—are available. Here, all you have to do is lay your back while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings while listening to the relaxing water as it laps to the side of the boat.

If you want more adventure, opt for a bareboat. A "bareboat" is a boat that you can rent filled with all the things and amenities needed for sailing without the crew. If you go on sailing vacations in the US using bareboat, it means that you have—more or less—experience in sailing.

If you think that your knowledge in sailing is not enough despite your experience, you can enroll in various sailing lessons to enrich the information that you have. During lessons, you will be given first hand information on sailing and hands-on experience on it. It is always best to attend sailing lessons before going on sailing vacations in the US to ensure that you would know what and what not to do especially in cases of emergency.

Packing tips for sailing vacation in the US

Aside from educating yourself about your sailing destination, one of the things that you should consider before going on sailing vacations in the US is what are the things to pack. Bringing the things that you need would ensure that you will not miss out on something that is an integral part of your whole trip.

The following are just some of the things that you need to pack for sailing vacations in the US:

1. Travel documents. Since you'll be going in another territory, you will need documents that will support your identity such as passport and the sailing charter paperwork. Upon booking for sailing vacations in the US, you will be given a confirmation packet. (TIP: Bring photocopies of your travel documents in case of emergency or in cases it will be needed during visit to different islands.

2. Storage. This should always be kept in mind because you need to limit it as much as possible. Bear in mind that hard-sided suitcases are not ideal since they are big and bulky. Opt for durable duffel bags because these can be folded when not in use.

3. What to wear. Depending on the average weather condition of your vacation destination, the number of clothes should also be kept to a minimum. It is ideal to keep a pair of shorts, shirts, walking shoes, sandals, swimsuit, underwear sleepwear, toiletries, and towels. The number will depend on the number of days of your stay.

4. Easy to carry bag. This is vital especially if you sailing vacations in the US involve land tour or travel. This easy to carry bag will hold your basic necessities such as wallet with money, a pair of shades, passport, several guide books, bottled water, a bottle of sunscreen for sun protection, powder case, lip balm and other small items you will be needing outside.



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