The Benefits of Bahamas Inclusive Sailing Vacation

Majority of Bahamas inclusive sailing vacations include charters that offer all-inclusive 7-day scuba charters, snorkeling charters, and sport fishing charters wherein there are so many activities offered.

Compared to the usual sailing vacations, an inclusive Bahamas sailing vacation include airport transfers, captain and service crews, all major meals including snacks, all access to any kind of drinks and beverages in a bar that is fully stocked, several freshwater showers on deck, a chef or hostess, dive masters, hooka systems, water activities equipment for scuba dicing such as masks, fins or snorkels, various floaters, licenses for fishing, several beach equipment, as well as a crew tee shirt and hat.

A Bahamas inclusive sailing vacation also offers first class amenities such as double staterooms/suite with lavatory and hot water shower, oversize ports as well as hatches for better ventilation, satellite TV WITH VCR& DVD per stateroom, internet service that is high speed and wireless, several underwater metal detectors, fishing gears and reels, high quality hair dryers, a digital photo album with DVD above or underwater as well as various resource materials and tools for recreation such as books, games and even musical instruments.

Aside from these advantages, other benefits of Bahamas inclusive vacation include:

1. Free map of the Bahamas along with a handy vacation guide. Usually, these copies are limited and you are lucky enough to have a copy of the guide that contain a list of spectacular beaches as well as a long list of water activities that include snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea-fishing, and surfing. You can also get a preview about the breath taking sights that you will see during your Bahamas inclusive sailing vacations.

2. First class accommodation. A Bahamas inclusive sailing vacation can also give you access to the high class accommodation that is comparable or even better to hotels and resorts in land. If you choose an inclusive Bahamas sailing vacation, you will experience first class sailing adventure without any hassles. Here, you also get to choose from wide gastronomic selections that will suit your appetite. Usually, inclusive sailing vacations involve various types of foods—from Mediterranean, Asian, French, Japanese, or Fusion cuisines—there is always something to choose from. If you prefer a certain type of food, you can ask the chef to cook it for you right away.

3. Access to the most beautiful beaches. This is probably the biggest benefit of a Bahamas inclusive sailing vacation because you will get access to the most beautiful beaches in the area as well as in the whole of the Caribbean. Since an all inclusive vacation aims to offer the best, you can get first hand experience from the best, charming, and hospitable people, and will be given an opportunity to explore places that are closed to other people or others who are also on a sailing vacation but did not opt for an all inclusive sailing vacation.

4. Hassle free sailing vacation. If you have chosen Bahamas inclusive sailing vacations, you can ensure that there will be no more hassles on your part. In terms of accommodations, food, tours, and boat management, you're rest assured that everything will be taken care of for you. Since you don’t have to worry about anything, you can focus all your attention and energy to enjoying and admiring what Bahamas has to offer.



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