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The Pup Tent Is Not For The Pooch

Although it may sound like it, and even look like it, the pup tent is not for the dog It is a very basic type of tent intended to house one to three people The basic shape of the tent is a house like structure with deeply slanted roof, called a ridge The p

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Homes On The Grange: The Storied Tents Of A Pa. Fair

Tue, 02 Sep 2014 13:19:14 -0700

The Grange Fair of central Pennsylvania harkens back to the days of the region's rural farming in the 19th century. Beyond the trappings of the typical fair, WPSU's Emily Reddy reports that families bring nearly a thousand tents to live in during the fair — many of which have been passed down through the generations.

Ocean Grove tents a way of life

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 05:19:00 -0700

Each year Lois McCormick and others return to Ocean Grove to spend their summers in tents - to share a sense of community and to enjoy a simpler, slower way of life. STAFF VIDEO BY PETER ACKERMAN                

Estrada’s tents for Quiapo vendors irk ‘legit’ traders

Sat, 13 Sep 2014 12:42:39 -0700

Leaders of four barangays in Quiapo are asking the Manila City government to stop setting up tents that are intended to organize street vendors, citing complaints from longtime business owners in the area.   In a resolution, Chairpersons Joey Jamisola, Mariano Gopaco Jr., Reynaldo Moises and William Lising of Barangays 306, 307, 308 and 309, respectively, asked Mayor Joseph Estrada to suspend ...

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