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    Haj firms prefer tents to buildings in Mina

    Wed, 20 Aug 2014 07:58:47 -0700

     Local Haj companies said they prefer to set up tents in Mina for their pilgrims than rent buildings at high rates, Makkah daily reported. They said they have incurred huge losses last year due to the high rental costs, the decrease in the number of pilgrims in each building and a ban preventing Gulf citizens from staying in such accommodation. The owner of a domestic pilgrims company, Sultan Al ...

    Nigeria rushes to get isolation tents for Ebola

    Wed, 06 Aug 2014 19:15:16 -0700

    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Nigerian authorities rushed to obtain isolation tents Wednesday in anticipation of more Ebola infections as they disclosed five more cases of the virus and a death in Africa's most populous nation, where officials were racing to keep the gruesome disease confined to a small group of patients.

    Camping trendwatch: Hanging tents go 'glamp'

    Mon, 11 Aug 2014 07:35:04 -0700

    Primitive protection from predators, 18th century engineering and a design indicative of modern day ingenuity all come into play in camping's trend of hanging tents. The Roomoon is a spherical tent made of durable canvas that is hoist-able to any height the user dares using a chain said to be capable of lifting one ton with ease. Based and crafted in Dorset, England, the Hanging Tent Company's ...

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