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The Versatile Tent Cot Has Improved Since Those Old War Movies
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The modern tent cot is far more than that scratchy piece green or gray canvas slung over a wooden frame. True, the meaning of a cot is a portable and lightweight bed consisting primarily of a thin canvas supported above the ground by a folding frame. The luckiest soldiers actually had a tent and a cot and did not have to sleep on the ground. The type of cot visible in war movies looked scratchy and impossible to fold. The modern version of the camping cot has reached a more mainstream audience of outdoor lovers, hikers, and campers.

Today's camping cot is built from sturdy, lightweight aluminum and folds quickly and easily. The cot frame carries a strong body support made from tear-resistant fabrics and reinforced with rivets or metal fasteners. The entire cot unit folds into a tiny package that easily lashes to a backpack. Some tent-style cots are sold as doubles, providing two sleeping areas instead of one. Cots are often carried in a watertight nylon carrying bag.

Consider these things when shopping for a cot to set up in your tent. First, be sure that the cot fits you. Find an assembled model in the store and lie on it. Try several of your normal sleeping positions. If you are hanging off the ends or sides, try a larger model. Check that the tent-style cot can support your weight. This is normally not a concern when buying a cot, but larger people should verify the weight specifications of the cot.

Finally, make sure the cot fits inside your tent! If it does not, you need a bigger tent. Sure, the cot could be arranged diagonally within the tent, but if multiple people will be sharing the tent, this is not an option. If there will be multiple cots within the tent, be sure that there is adequate aisle space between the cots, so that campers can easily enter and exit the tent without disturbing their companions.

You can buy an assortment of mattresses and cushions for your camping cot. Air mattresses are popular and lightweight. They can be difficult to inflate by mouth unless you buy a pump, however. Waterproof cot mattresses are available that provide extra comfort while sleeping outside and can be easily carried.

Your tent camping cot doesn't have to be an army surplus reject. Modern materials and conveniences have combined to create a tent cot that is the next best thing to your bed at home.

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