Most Attractive City Destinations: Top 10 Must-Visit Places For Savvy Travelers

Where would you go if you had money to spare and all the time in the world to take a tour of the most beautiful cities in the world? Many cities in different parts of the world are hailed for their natural landscapes and seascapes, stunning structures, design, and interesting culture. If youíre listing the most attractive city destinations in the world that you would like to visit, then these places should make the cut.


Thereís more to Paris than just the world-famous Eiffel Tower and its reputation as the most romantic city. Paris is also well known for its street life and wide roads that are lined with trees. Aside from the Eiffel Tower, Paris also boasts of other iconic buildings like the Grand Palais and the Louvre Museum, which caught the attention of the world as the setting of the novel and film ďDa Vinci Code.Ē And the best reason for spending your holidays in this French capital? Ah, the French cuisine! Feel the French passion for gourmet food with the many restaurants that serve wine and cheese. With everything that Paris has to offer, it is no wonder that this city is the dream destination of every traveler.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the busiest shopping districts in Asia, which is why it is always frequented by many shopaholics from across the globe. A favorite destination of tourists from East and West, Hong Kong is popular for its post-modern skyline and skyscrapers. This city in China is home to four of the 15 tallest structures in the world. Isnít that amazing? The cityís night lighting and reflection are simply captivating.


Even if this Japanese capital is densely populated, a lot of reasons still make it one of cities in the world that are worth visiting. Its modern architecture and spectacular cityscapes are reminiscent of that irresistible New York charm, with the exception of towering skyscrapers that are distinctly a Tokyo trademark. Also, the changing colors of the Tokyo Tower every night make for a unique and memorable sightseeing.


Thousands of visitors frequent this Italian city for one great reason: Florence is the art capital of Italy. It is considered the last preserved cradle of Renaissance, particularly in terms of architecture. So if you are an enthusiast of art, architecture, and anything that has to do with Renaissance, Florence is surely a must-visit destination.


This Asian city holds the distinction of being the one of the cleanest cities in the world, having undergone an impression transformation from being a swampy mass of land four decades ago. Once you set foot in Singapore, a modern, fast-paced city life will welcome you, complete with subways, skyscrapers, and bustling streets.

New York City

No city in the world probably enjoys immense popularity better than New York. Fondly called The Big Apple, New York City has a lot to be proud of such as its attractions and cultural legacy. There are so many places to visit like the Broadway, Central Park, and Times Square. No wonder, New York is one of the most attractive city destinations in the world.


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