Seven Gotta Have Travel Gadgets

If traveling for business or pleasure, it is important to take note of digital accessories that help make your journey pain-free. Below are examples of gadgets you have to bring when traveling either by plane, train, or automobile.

Bring a digital camera. Choosing a camera to take on road is difficult. For travel snapshots, choose a point-and-shoot camera that is ultra light and small but is capable of taking high-pixel density photos. Check for cameras that also include image stabilization, face recognition and vestigial viewfinder for quick snaps. Small ultra light cameras are perfect for slipping into a jeans pocket.

If traveling abroad, bring at least a 12-language global translator. This will help you translate foreign words into English and vice versa. This is very much helpful when you are traveling in countries where no one speaks English such as Thailand. You may also opt to buy a high-end language translator that has speech recognition and a hand-held scanner for text input. The latter may sound more efficient but expect an expensive price.

Bring a universal power adaptor kit. A gadget that enables our electronic gadgets charged is a very important invention of the 21st century for a modern traveler. Electronic shops have an array adaptor that fit just about any laptop or USB device. An example of this is the Tumi power adaptor that has spring-powered retractable cable and a leather-trimmed carrying case. Adaptor kits are very affordable with prices less than $200.

If going to a conference abroad, is not it important to bring a USB flash drive for storage? But is it possible to bring a Swiss knife? A confiscation-free travel USB drive with a Swiss knife is the 1GB Swissbit drive that can be detached from its super-hard knife casing. This USB drive comes with the Swiss army gadgets such as scissors, pen, knife, nail file, screwdriver, and light except for the cuckoo clock. This is not pricey for a worth of $60.

Bring a mini battery pack. The trouble with traveling with iPods or cell phones is the battery drains fast. A mini battery pack is the solution that technology vendors offer for a more convenient and pain-free travel. There are different iPod/iPhone battery extenders. An example is the Energizerís iPodPower2 that runs on a pair of AA batteries. This battery pack comes with an effective retractable USB cables.

During long travels by air, train, or water, you usually need an activity for pastime. Either you want to read a book or watch a movie. In this case, it will be advisable to bring a portable book reader and DVD player.

Kindle is Amazonís first-generation e-book reader; it needs improvement though. But it is very useful for travelers who like to read books because it serves as a veritable library. It holds around 200 books and can read SD cards.

If you are into movies, better bring a portable DVD player. Nowadays, people download not only movies but also TV programs. There are cheap portable DVD players that are less than $100. Take note however that if you are buying a player for travel purposes; make sure it is battery-intensive.


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