Totally Random Travel Tips

Traveling — that simple act of going from one place (yours) to another (a nearby town or a famous tourist destination) — has now become one of the world’s biggest industries.

It has also developed into one of the more complicated modern activities starting from getting your tickets, preparations, packing, all the way to the airport and immigration and finally to your destination.

From experiences (good and bad) of the many travelers who had survived traveling, here is a list of tips arranged in no particular order. It is hoped they can help the first-time would-be travelers and to remind those who had traveled before.

Before the trip

Go to the Internet to know the basics about your destination – banks, money, personal and other insurance, health, vaccinations, language, important customs, weather conditions, their police system and the law.

There is no need to know everything, just the important basics. It pays to have an idea on most things around.

Get a new email address and mail to yourself all the copies of your important papers (passports and visas, travelers’ check numbers, insurance certificates, medical info, important phone numbers and addresses, etc.) for emergency access, if needed.

The trip

Before packing anything, first make a list on what to bring. From there, you would know what’s necessary and what’s not (right clothes), what’s important (only a jewel item or two and no flashy ones) and what’s redundant (big cities have batteries).

You would know you if you overdid things. You would also know which items to leave out. Keep this list to check on your belongings when you get back home.

Bring a small amount of US dollars (legally acceptable). Most places accept them, in case things go wrong with your cards or your other “cash”. Bring a small medicine bag as your cabinet with emergency medicines (aspirins, diarrhea tablets, water purifiers, etc.) and a first aid kit.

Bring only two or three pieces of travel-size personal items such as soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste tubes, lotions and perfumes — if your stay is short. If longer, bring some more. It’s more convenient to dispose of empty mini-wrappers and tubes than bringing back big jars home.

If you are going on a nature trip or safari, arm yourself with the right medicine (malaria pills, insect repellents, etc.). A Swiss knife is very useful as is a small duct tape.


Line your backpack with chicken wire inside (deterrent for bag slashers). Buy a fake wallet and fill with fake (or expired) cards, etc for muggers. Hide your money somewhere safe with you.

Take taxis at night, even if it’s just a short trip.

If you are traveling alone, message boards in the internet list other travelers in your area. Traveler pubs and bars are the best places to meet them.

Be careful with the local food. Don’t gorge on them, no matter how delicious. Your stomach need to be used to it. Rotate eating foods you know with those of the local cuisine.

Last words

Not everything is bad in your tourist country. You traveled over there because you liked it and you want to enjoy it. This is the time to do it. This list is simply a reminder for you to be careful.


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