Why Travel To Korea?: Great Reasons For Visiting South Korea

With over six million foreigners touring this country every year, it’s no wonder that South Korea is one of the most visited countries in the world. What does Korea have that makes it such an international charmer? Here are the reasons that explain why travel to Korea is a pleasant and memorable experience.

• Cheju Island - Cheju is the biggest island in Korea and known as the place of mystery or fantasy. Everything in this resort island is sure to rekindle your love of the beach with its breathtaking waterfalls clear blue water, black sand, and other natural attractions. It is also perfect for honeymoons, watersports, and hiking.

• Climate - The climate in Korea is temperate, which is divided into four distinct seasons. The most tourist-friendly seasons in the country are spring (April and May) when the cherry blossoms bloom as well as autumn (from September to November) when the skies are clear and sunny and the weather is warm. Winter months in Korea, which starts in December until February, are perfect for skiing.

• Korean DMZ - A Korean tour is never complete without dropping by the Korean Demilitarized Zone, more popularly known as DMZ. It is where you can find some of the endangered creatures in Asia such as wildcats, river otter, and musk deer.

• Festivals and Special Events - Korea has a rich culture and long history, and you can be a part of celebrating them by joining various religious festivals and special events such as Buddha’s birthday.

• Historical and cultural tours - Foreign visitors can take a tour of the Buddhist monasteries and temples to be able to witness the Buddhist heritage in Korea.

• Nature tours - Are you a nature lover? Then grab the opportunity to take a nature tour in Korea. Among the most famous itineraries are the flower villages, birdwatching, mountain trips, and cherry blossom trails in various parts of Korea.

• Seoul - This Korean capital, which is essentially a lively commercial district, is the top tourist destination in the country. Among the must-visit landmarks in Seoul are the royal residences, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

• Pusan - For beachgoers, Pusan is nothing but a paradise. It is popular as a beach town resort, with many beautiful beaches to choose from. The Song Jung beach, for example, is a peaceful swimming spot with clear blue waters.

• Watersports - If watersports is the name of your game, then you will be delighted with the numerous facilities that island and coasts in Korea offer to its millions of tourists. You have plenty of choices: paragliding, whitewater rafting, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, swimming, boating, windsurfing, and water skiing, among others.

To sum it up, Korea caters to practically every type of tourist—adventure seekers, sports buffs, arts and culture lovers, sightseers, and others. So, if you want to escape the stressful city life for a while, then one of things to consider for your much-deserved holiday vacation is, of course, a travel to Korea.


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