Pointers about Planting and Caring for Lilies

Different plants require different planting and caring tips. If you intend to plant something that you have never tried before, you have to gather essential tips from those who have tried such, no matter how experienced you are as a gardener. Lilies may be nice to look at, but in order to get a good bunch, you have to follow essential pointers to get it successfully done.

Planting and Growing Tips

The most important rule that you need to bear in mind in this venture is that the plants have to be placed on the area where there is a good drainage system. You will never be able to grow these on spots where water gathers and stands.

Caring for these plants must also depend on the season. You have to keep a good eye on your garden in the winter. There may be some mice that are already habituating on your garden because they love nibbling on the tender bulbs of these plants. When the night is frosty, it is recommended that you cover the shoots with cardboard boxes or newspaper. Do not allow the shoots on the flower beds to get very long. You must know when is the right time to rake off the mulch. You need to take extra precaution in handling the plantsí new shoots. These are fragile and brittle. If anything gets broken, you cannot expect the flower to bloom for that season.

The flower bed needs sufficient amount of fertilizer to ensure the health of your plants. Once you see that the green leaves are starting to grow, you have to supply the plants with nitrogen. To help the plants bloom and to increase the production of bulbs, you have to fertilize these with phosphorous and potassium. The fertilizers must never come in direct contact with the bulbs, so you need to water in meticulously.

Water is very essential in growing these plants. You need to supply the flower bed with constant moisture. The best way to do it is through soaking. You must allow the hose to run gently near the flower bed until the ground is soaked at least six inches deep. You can also opt to use a soil soaker to manage several clumps at a time. It is not advisable to use overhead sprinkling because this might cause certain diseases to be acquired by your plants.

By planting these the right way, there will be higher chances that diseases are going to be prevented from befalling on your plants. If you still arenít sure if you already have the skills to attain this the right way, you may want to check out similar gardens and try gathering ideas from what the owners have done in growing their plants.

There are many resources that you can check out to know more about this. It is essential to collect essential information before venturing out further to make sure that you will be making the right steps to successfully grow beautiful flower beds of lilies.


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