Vital Tips in Knowing More about Proper Ways in Handling Lilies

You have been told many times before that you were born with green thumbs. This is the reason why you are good in gardening, plus the fact that you are the type of person who enjoys the activity. Now you are faced with another challenge as you are planning to plant lilies.

Proper Research

This is the first time that you are going to try this out, so it is only understandable that you have many questions about the process. How do you go about researching for the necessary information about this? First, you need to check out are the discussion pages online about the subject. These are typically categorized under Home and Gardening section or Favorite Activities. Aside from the right information, you can also meet people at this venue who are interested on the same activity as you are.

There are also many websites that contain useful write-ups about this. These sites will teach you the step by step process on what to do in planting, maintaining and harvesting the flowers. Aside from these online pages, you can also check out printed books and other materials that tackle the matter. You may also want to ask your gardener friends who have tried this venture about what they have done. You can visit their gardens to see for yourself how the flower beds look like and how the owners are tending to their plants.

After knowing enough information about the process, you can then decide if you are up for the challenge. If you are ready to go for it, here are some basic tips that can help you in the process.

Proper Handling

You have to find an area on your garden where the water doesn’t get stuck. Good drainage is essential here because the flower beds need to be soaked in water, but the water needs to flow in. To conserve the moisture that the soil absorbs, it is essential to mulch the soil in order to keep it loose and cool. This process also discourages the development of weeds and it will help the soil to easily absorb the nutrition that you will provide it with.

In order to produce good and flouncy blooms, the plants need a lot of nourishment. Nitrogen must be provided on the leaves once these are already growing fast. Once the plants are in bloom and producing bulbs, you have to add potassium and phosphorous on the fertilizer that you supply it with. You can use the 10-10-10 complete formulation at the start of spring when the shoots are beginning to be seen. You have to be careful that the bulbs won’t get in direct contact with the fertilizer.

By handling everything properly, you are also ensuring that your lilies are going to be prevented from acquiring diseases. The right drainage will aid the bulb so that it won’t rot. The flower bed must be exposed to an environment with good air circulation that will help a lot in killing fungus that are causing diseases and other infestations.


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