What To Remember When Buying Lilies

Coming from the lilium family, there are more than a hundred varieties of lilies available to gardeners and florists. There are different varieties and colors to choose form. Water lilies are also great for landscaping water gardens and other outdoor spaces.

Lilies are usually associated with funerals, especially white lilies. White lilies are said to symbolize the restoration of innocence after one’s death. But aside from that, Peruvian lilies also represent friendship. While stargazers, especially the pink colored-ones, would represent wealth and prosperity.

There are lily breeds which are popular choices for decoration and for weddings, like the Calla Lily. This elegant and fresh looking lily has different colors and sizes which makes it ideal for decorators and designers. Tiger lilies are also popular, you could easily look for one and transfer them to your garden.

If you are planning to buy lily bulbs to plant, then it is important to consider the time when you will be buying the bulbs. Spring and fall are the best times to buy lily bulbs. Since lilies do not go dormant for a long time, it is best to buy bulbs when it is already near planting time.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying lily bulbs:

• When buying lily bulbs, check if the bulbs have any kind of sprouts. According to experts, it is best to buy a bulb with a sprout of not more than one inch. what you need are solid roots with the sprout just developing.

• Check those garden sacks that you buy from garden centers. Aside from checking the growth of the sprout, you also need to see if the bulbs are dried out. You need to avoid these bulbs.

• Watch out for any bulb discolorations, like grey and brown spots, since they are evidences of fungus and molds.

If you are looking for lily plants, then make sure to pick out lilies that have green leaves and firm stalks. Again look for insect damage and if there are any signs that the leaves and stalks were infested.

• Handle the bulbs carefully, since they have roots which are somewhat fragile.

• Where to buy? There are numerous garden centers. But if you want something guaranteed then contact your local grower or nursery. Just make sure that you are dealing with reputable growers in the area. You could even look for a specialty grower, someone who specializes in lilies and lily bulbs.

What about water lilies? There are different nurseries and online plant retailers that sell water lilies. As mentioned, stick with retailers that is guaranteed, check with your relatives, friends and even their retailer websites for customer feedbacks about their plants.

• When buying water lilies, check the bottom of the leaves for pests, discolorations or any evidence, like chew marks, of being infested. You do not want to invest your money in something that would not grow or will get sick and infest other plants later on.

• Buy water lilies which are not yet in full bloom.

• You may want to buy additional fertilizer to keep your lilies in bloom more often.


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