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          Fertilizing Lawns

You bought a new house in the fall. Winter came and went and now itís time to haul out the lawn mower. As youíre doing laps in the yard, you canít help but notice all the interesting patches of pseudo-grass.

You have crabgrass; you have weeds; you have clover; you have a boatload of dandelions. Contrarily, your neighborís yard looks like a golf course.

Landscaping lawns to look like putting greens and golf greens

Sometimes you'd like to sneak over there without shoes just to run your feet through the lush greenery. No worries; you can turn your less than attractive excuse for grass around in one season; and it wonít cost you a fortune.

Put the yellow pages away, youíre not calling a service. If you fertilize at the right time of the year, you can have your own gorgeous thick green grass.

Many new lawn aficionados are under the false impression that
spring is the best time to fertilize their grass
. Actually, fertilizing at that time may be detrimental to the long-term health of the lawn.

Sure youíll get expedited top growth and a beautiful lush appearance, but at what cost? Spring fertilization discourages grass from storing food reserves for the hard times to come during the summer.

Letís jump right to the point. The optimum time to fertilize your lawn is in the fall. The time of year when most people are considering putting away their lawn mower, is when you should be getting out the spreader.

late fall crabgrass and dead bushesItís also the time of year when you can get an accurate picture of your lawnís health. After the summer stresses, you will be able to see where the dead brown grass is and where the crabgrass is.|

Changes in lawn appearance in October can reveal whether appropriate lawn care is being practiced.

Properly fertilized lawns tend to improve in appearance, while the opposite takes place for improperly fertilized lawns.

A November application is ideal. Although the air temperatures
will have cooled considerably by this time, soil temperatures
will remain warm enough for some primarily-root and tiller-grass
growth. This late fall fertilization facilitates winterizing the
grass and sets the foundation for the grass to make a quick start
in the spring.

Be prepared that fertilizing at this late date can result in an additional mowing. However, the payback is that the grass will have a dark green color going into winter that returns early in the spring.

Not only does early Spring fertilization discourage storage of food reserves, the lush top growth also provides an environment conducive for diseases to take hold and sweep through a yard.

Therefore, when summer comes, the spring-only fertilized lawns are often more susceptible to the summer stresses of disease and moisture stress. Not exactly the look you were going for.


fence with barbed wireThe irony of lawn care is that at the end of August when the
appearance of oneís lawn hits an all time season low, it is actually the best time to fertilize or renovate a lawn
. By then grasses have endured the summer stresses and the coming cool fall temperatures will provide an opportunity for recovery.

Fertilizing in the fall also encourages the plantís recovery by providing nutrients when the plant really needs them to build food reserves going into the winter. As a rule of thumb, Labor Day weekend is a good time to make the first fall fertilization to lawns, as the cool temperatures are soon to come.

Though it may be spring and youíre envious of your neighborís yard, donít try to take a short cut and apply a boatload of fertilizer just to jump start your lawn. Ignore your seasonal urges and follow responsible soil management practices. Just do it. Then start fresh this fall. This time next year, youíll be the envy of your neighbor on the other side!

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