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                                 HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR COFFEE SPECIAL ?


    As much as we savor our favorite blends and brewing styles, our natural curiosity drives us in the search for even better flavor, aroma, and quality coffee.

    No doubt about it, the ideal cup of coffee exists "somewhere out there".

    Maybe you have found it, or at least the ingredients and brewing techniques to produce your own Special cup of coffee.

    Here's an opportunity to share your success.

    Do you brew coffee at home? What kind of coffee maker works best for you? What blend gives you the best results?

    If you prepare your own coffee at your work place, do you do it differently than at home?

    Your experiences and suggestions might bring more coffee enjoyment to others.

    Would you care to share? Your comments will be greatly appreciated.  

      SORRY  The convenient comment form that was here has been abused. It is Currently DISABLED due to Hackers like Elena Rivers (IP =, and a porn peddler (at IP ( among others, who have attempted to use this comment page to post SPAM and PORN websites. Their IP addresses have been reported to their respective ISP's for each offence.
             No personal information gathered here will be submitted to third parties               


  Thanks for sharing, and please don't hesitate to comment about, correct,
   or criticize my web site. Your input will help me make it more useful.
You can  ( send me an email )

   Richard Rossbauer
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