There are two types of coffee. There is the natural kind that has caffeine and a second kind that has had the caffeine removed - decaffeinated.

   Both varieties come from the same beans. The difference is in the process of removing the caffeine.

   The term decaffeinated is a misconception because there is still about 3% in the coffee beans.

  Decaffeinated coffee is produced by soaking the beans in water and mixing them with a chemical called ethyl acetate.  This chemical is a natural solvent.

   There was a time that trichloroethylene and methylene chloride were used but studies have shown that these are carcinogens that later on were abandoned.

   There is an indirect way of using the ethyl acetate chemical, which is known as natural decaffeination. The beans are still mixed in water but ethyl acetate never interacts with the beans.     

 There are other methods. One uses carbon dioxide. This is also heated later on to make it evaporate which has proven to be very effective.
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   Studies have shown that charcoal and carbon are also useful in decaffeinating coffee. This practice originated in Switzerland and thus is called the Swiss Water Process.

   The only way to preserve the flavor of the coffee bean without the caffeine is to dry it before it is packed.

   The decaffeination process method used is usually printed on the product label.

   The process of decaffeinating paved the way for more people to drink coffee and allowed coffee companies and cafes to expand their markets. For people whose systems cannot tolerate caffeine, their coffee drinking pleasures have been restored with decafe' coffee.

  Follow the advice in this website and you'll have your friends and family eagerly responding to your next call of

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Did You Know? - the body can absorb as much as 300 milligrams of caffeine at one time. This can be obtained from about 4 cups of coffee. Additional cups don't work because after this limit is reached, they don't provide any more stimulation. In fact, the body has an internal system that neutralizes caffeine every hour.

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