Roasting Your COFFEE Beans at Home


    Enjoying Your Own Home Roasted Coffee

   You can now roast your coffee beans in your own kitchen and savor great tasting coffee in the comfort of your home without having to go to a coffee shop.

   To start roasting coffee beans at home you need to have a roaster or a frying pan. You may also choose to use a popcorn popper for the same purpose.

Do ensure that the roasting implement is clean and has no left over residues from previous activities as they might leave behind an unpleasant smell and flavor in your coffee.

    However a dedicated coffee bean roaster will be much better as it will give you the best results possible.

The coffee bean roaster is becoming indispensable for most modern kitchens as people take to drinking more and more home roasting coffee.

The best coffee is made from freshly roasted beans especially from those which have been roasted in small batches, as roasted coffee beans are very susceptible to damage from exposure to oxygen.
 Home roasted coffee always tastes far better than the coffee which has been roasted and stored in stores and cafes for a long time. The taste of coffee beans that you have stored earlier may lose their flavor and aroma.

   This is especially true of beans cultivated exclusively for their flavor.  

Today the bean roaster is revolutionizing the coffee industry as well as ushering in a brand new paradigm of quality for coffee enthusiasts who are planning on making their own coffee at home. Truly the coffee bean roaster has started a revolution of people who have started home
roasting coffee on their own.

   For home roasting coffee beans you need to heat them to a temperature range of 460 degree to 530 degrees Fahrenheit.

   After that you need to ensure there is adequate ventilation because roasting coffee beans results in a lot of smoke. You might want to turn on an exhaust fan and open the windows. You should also disable any smoke detectors if you have any.

   Dome based bean roasters have an attached thermometer, but if you don't have one, then you may easily use a confectioners thermometer as a ready substitute.

   You will know the beans are fully roasted when they turn from a green color to a chocolate like brown. You can roast the beans to any level that you please, with the brownest color indicating less caffeine and a non acidic taste. However if you like the acidic taste, and more caffeine, you should roast to a lighter level.

   You should also stir the beans every thirty seconds or so to prevent sticking. A cracking noise is also normal at this point. You also need to turn off the heat before the beans are done to the desired level as they continue to cook after they have been taken off.

   After a point you might hear a second series of popping, and you should have taken off your beans by now, as they are now starting to become overdone.

   After you have finished roasting, you should allow them to cool and then shake them gently to chaff the beans and shake off their skin. You can use a mesh to facilitate this process.

   Have fun with home roasting coffee as it can give you the best coffee you will ever taste.
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