Is a COFFEE Diet for Weight Loss a Fad or Reality?

   Is a  Good Coffee Diet For Weight Loss a Fad or Reality?

   Many people nowadays are trying to lose weight with every means possible in an attempt to lose the extra pounds that always show up in those critical places of the body.

   Some people are able to lose weight by simply cutting back on their daily intake of food. Others find benefit by regularly exercising.

   Studies have revealed that the coffee diet combined with a decrease in eating and an increase in exercising could give you the possibility of burning more calories than by simply not eating and exercising.

   Moreover, the consumption of coffee has the ability to put a stop to the craving of  carbohydrates and in general curbs your intake of food.

   This kind of diet works by drinking more coffee than usual together with a good breakfast that will enable you to burn excess weight in your body.

   In this way, your metabolism increases the more you drink coffee enabling you to burn more calories faster.

   Even though the coffee diet has helped many to lose weight, it cannot be considered as a wonder diet for everyone.

 It takes a lot of sacrifice on the dieter's behalf to exercise day by day plus eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fats and carbohydrates.
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   Of course not everyone will benefit by drinking coffee as a lot of it depends on the genetics and body size. Also, in order to have the best results with the coffee diet one should do without adding whole milk, cream or sugar to the cup of coffee, plus the fact that some people are sensitive to drinking too much caffeine which could mean that you are doing more harm than good to your body.

   Black coffee could cause drowsiness and high blood pressure. The acidity in coffee could cause ulcers. Caffeine could cause your heartbeat to rise and make you feel shaky.

   At present there is no easy way to know if a person is fast or slow in metabolizing caffeine. Even if you stay awake at night after drinking coffee it does not necessarily mean you are slow in metabolizing the Java.

   The secret to a good coffee diet is by compromising and regulating the amount you drink according to the possibilities of your body of assimilating the beverage. Nobody says you cannot just add a little cream and sugar
substitute to your coffee. In any case, before starting on a coffee diet plan, be sure to consult your physician first.

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