Special coffee moments

             Special coffee moments and a clean coffee maker

When was the last time you were out in the elements with only the sky for the roof and the ground for the floor? How many times have you been outdoors with your family enjoying the scenery and the beauty of the wild?

During those times what did you share as you reminisced about the good times? Coffee?

Yes, Coffee, the caffeine packed, antioxidant rich and most flexible of God's entire gifts to man.

Coffee has shared our lives in many more ways than one. For some it is that first cup of coffee that they made for a special someone. For
others, it is that cup of coffee they shared on a cold winter night.

There are a few things to consider to make that cup of coffee just as memorable. Among them is keeping your coffee maker sparkling clean.

And here's How To Clean A Coffee Maker

It is one thing to buy a coffee maker. The challenging part is maintaining it. This chore not only involves replacing the old filter with a new one because there are other things that need to be cleaned. Since drip coffee makers are the most basic and frequently purchased, here are some tips on how to keep one in good condition.

A blue Alaska brand drip coffeemaker.The first thing will be to unplug it from the socket. Once this is done, the different parts should be removed separately and cleaned piece by piece. For instance, the glass pot can be soaked in water and soap, rinsed well and then left upside down until the inside has dried.
If some coffee has spilled to other parts of the appliance, you should disassemble it to take a better look so this can be cleaned properly.

Don't think that everything can be cleaned using a piece of dry cloth and some water. Unfortunately, if the deposits are hard to wash out, it is time to try something much stronger. Vinegar can be mixed with water and then you can try removing those deposits again.

Pouring the vinegar and water into the reservoir until it's full and then turning on the machine can produce better results. The drip coffee maker should be allowed to cool for a few minutes so that the liquid contents can be drained.

Check it again and repeat the process if there are stains and deposits still present.

Since vinegar leaves a certain scent, the best way to remove it is by filling the reservoir this time with just water and running the machine through a brewing cycle. This should be done two or three more times making the coffee drip maker good as new.

The best way to avoid repeating this involved cleaning procedure is by cleaning the coffee maker at least once a month with vinegar and water. The process itself takes less than an hour - when done properly your cup of coffee tastes the same when a new batch is produced in the morning or at any time during the day.

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Special coffee moments and a clean coffee maker
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