Low Cost Vacation in Maui, not Impossible

If youíre tight on the budget and yet still wants to have a swell of a great time in Maui, then hereís an exciting tip: you can have a low cost Maui vacation if you just know where to look. And hereís where weíre going to help.

We will tell you some of the things that you could do in Maui that will not burn a hole in your wallet. You will be able to sleep well tonight knowing that the family fortune in that old wooden chest of yours will stay safe and sound.

Letís first make things clear, cheap does not automatically mean inferior in any way. In the first place, youíre in Maui, youíre in Hawaii. With the ambiance alone, you canít possibly hate such a wonderful place. With the great beaches, the forest trails, waterfalls, underwater adventures, the marine life, whether you enjoy your stay in the island is really up to you. Second point, the various cheap activities you could do in the island just happened to be free in the first place.

If youíre going to rent a car during your stay in the island, you might as well go for a scenic drive. Most will tell you that Maui has an already alluring scenic route, regardless of where you go, you will end up captivated with the surroundings. But if you want to be certain, take the Road to Hana or the West Maui Circle. Both routes can be quite interesting. It would be ideal to begin your tour early in the morning to cover more roads and scenic stops.

If youíre a nature lover, youíll need to exert some extra effort for this activity. Make sure you get up early, hours before the sun rises. Get your outdoor gear in order and begin trekking the side of the mountain of Haleakala all the way to the top and hopefully youíll be on time to see mother nature at her best.

Pack some food along the way, make sure you charge the batteries of you digital camera, and some gas money and youíre on your way.

If youíre going to the beach, one activity that you should never miss is snorkeling. Maui has some of the best snorkeling spots in the world. If youíre already there, you might as well rent some snorkeling gear, which doesnít cost much, and take a plunge into an underwater adventure.

If you have some extra cash with you, you can upgrade a snorkeling experience into a scuba diving expedition. But I might be taking it too far since weíre talking vacation on a budget here. Probably the best known places to go snorkeling in Maui are in the beaches of Ka'anapali, Kamaole and Honolua on the West side of the island.

Well if you donít feel like snorkeling, which I will never understand why, the best plausible activity you can do on the beach is toÖ.do nothing. Basking under the tropical sun with friends and family, enjoying the white sand, doing family stuff or plain lounging along is an experience that will hardly cost anything. Although, you will need to pay for the sunscreen lotion but thatís something you should not cringe about.

Having a low cost vacation in Maui is not only possible, but is actually doable. All you need is a little planning, get information from locals on the best places to go since most of the time the fun places are open secrets among locals. Remember, your vacation is only fun and memorable if you make it.


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