Maui Golf Vacation Packages

Golf is a very popular sport. This is why there are golf courses all over the world so if you want to play in a warmer climate, why not inquire about a Maui Golf Vacation Package?

The island of Maui is just one of five other islands that make up Hawaii. There are over 80 golf courses spread out in this area and 20 of them are in Maui. Some of these are world class golf courses like the one in Kapalua that happens to be the home of the Mercedes Championship.

Along its coast, you will discover that there are 10 other courses that have been awarded and rated a 3.5 star or even higher. You dont have to be a pro to be here since this is also open for casual golfers.

If you happen to stay at the Maui Prince Hotel, you will find that there are two championship golf courses that are available to the guests. The Makena North Course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. that has a great view of Haleakala and the Pacific Ocean. The Southern course on the other hand has a breathtaking view of the mountains.

When you avail of the Maui Golf Vacation Package, what is included here is the round trip airfare, fresh flower lei greeting upon arrival, and transfers from and to the airport. The package allows two people to play so play with your spouse or bring a friend so you can share the complimentary golf cart.

While you are out in the green, the rest of your family can sign up for a guided tour or go snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing and a host of other activities.

Another is the Wailea Golf Club that happens to be one of the most famous and expensive in the island. Those who have played there have said that the course is very challenging. The challenges each player will face are the different grasses, the unusual natural hazards and the winds that come from the ocean but this should not discourage you from taking the time to look at the ocean that can be seen from every section of the fairway.

If you want to play elsewhere, reserving in most golf courses in Maui is easy since this can be done a few days in advance. Take note that in West Maui, courses are usually windy. Those located in South Maui and some in the West, have greens that break toward the ocean even if they do break uphill. As for golfing attire, it is acceptable to wear shorts here but some prohibit players from wearing denim.

With perfect weather all year round between 75 to 85 degrees, you can hit the green anytime in one of the 20 golf courses that have been built on the island. In fact this demand has marked an increase in the development of other luxury resorts that cater to professionals and amateurs who are really into this sport.

There are many travel agencies these days that offer Maui Golf Vacation Packages. You just have to decide where you want to play depending on the kind of backdrop or environment that you want to play in. For instance, players who want something different can play near the active Kilauea volcanic crater.


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