Vacation In Maui: What You Can Expect

Surveys have shown that two of the most visited islands in the US are Maui and Hawaii. You can take the word of those who have gone there or see it for yourself by planning your next vacation in Maui.

Maui is located in the Hawaiian islands and is considered to be the Valley Isle as it located in between two volcanoes. It is the second largest island among Hawaiiís eight islands and has a lot of tropical rain forests, pristine beaches, clear waters, green pasture and rocky cliffs.

The island itself great to visit during any time of the years because the weather stays between 75 to 85 degrees all year round which isnít too hot or too cold. If you are interested in spending your next vacation here, try booking online or have your travel agent take care of the leg work. This vacation will surely be memorable when you bring back some souvenirs and a lot of pictures.

Tourists can stay either at the Western or Eastern part of Maui. The west is the biggest tourist destination and is home to most resorts located in the towns of Lahaina, Kaanapali and Kapalua. But if you want to avoid the crowds, go the East where you can trek through the rainforest, see some waterfalls and cross over one land bridges.

The southern portion is also another huge tourist destination since there are hotel resorts located in Kihea, Makena and Wailea.

How can you start your tour in Maui? Well, you can probably start by hopping on board the Sugar Cane Train in Kaanapali to see how life was here before. You can then snorkel in maybe Wailea Beach so relax in its waters and see the black lava formations that mingle with the sand.

For those who donít want to swim, they can go whale watching; join a fishing cruise or a scenic sightseeing cruise. This will give the tourists the chance to learn more about the island and even intermingle with other tourists.

In the evening, you an enjoy dinner on board a cruise that has music and dancing to let you have a romantic evening. These boats usually depart on the west side of the island and many of these can be found in Lahaina. These usually last 2 and half hours and you are required to arrive early.

When you get back to the island, you may have a drink at the one of the open air bars or watch a fire dance. This show will surely amaze you as these individuals are able to do their demonstration unscathed.

Before you leave, you should check out some of the art galleries. Who knows, there may be something here you would like to buy and display in your home.

A vacation in Maui is not for families but also for couples as well who are on honeymoon or celebrating their anniversary. This is because you can choose to stay in a secluded place so you guys will be able to enjoy each otherís company without any disturbances.

This vacation in Maui may be your first but surely this will not be your last. Because of the breathtaking views and the friendly people, chances are you will come back again the years ahead or even recommend this place to family members and friends.


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