Lie Without Saying A Word - Tips on Staying Youthful

Stop waking up in the morning and dreading having to look in the mirror because you look “old”. Instead, wake up to a relaxing full-body stretch and yawn unapologetically. Smile afterwards. If maintaining a youthful state-of-mind was as easy as that, everybody could just wake up to a good mood. Well, that can be a start. However, staying youthful means more than just those fancy chemicals advertised on TV promising you a “youthful glow” after seven days or so.

If you really want to take it seriously, first, you examine the things and the values which are attributed to being “old”. Examples of such are being “no fun”, “unfashionable”, “irritable” and “weak”. Let’s dissect these attributes and turn them 180 degrees around.


Remember when you were a teenager? When the world seemed to lack boundaries and when rules are made to be broken? Feel that rush. I am not suggesting you become a criminal. It’s just that when we get older, our priorities become tweaked. Readjust them again and insert some fun into it. Eat street ice cream once again! Have a Big Mac once in a while!

Get your nails painted regularly. Hang out with your younger peers—your nieces count!—once in a while. It will keep you on your toes about what “the funnest fun” feels like. And trust me, it’s a high that no other drug (or anti-aging cream) can provide.


Fashion is both an art and a discipline. However, it’s not as hard as you think. There are general rules like matching your bag with your shoes, not wearing more than three colors at once, etc. There are certain fashion styles that never fade. Jeans, for example, is a worldwide classic. Learn how to use them properly. Read fashion magazines apt for your age, surf the internet for celebrity styles or even chat to your peers about it.


Smile! Nothing brings more negative vibes than a sulky frown. In case you haven’t heard yet, it takes three times more number of facial muscles to frown than to smile. So smile! In fact, studies show that the mere act of curving your lips upward—even if you’re not really smiling—releases endorphins (the get-happy hormones) throughout your body.

If you’re trying to score a date, smiling will ease the tension down and makes you look more approachable. Moreover, notice the people in their 40s who always smile. They have an unexplainable, beautiful, youthful aura that works like an invisible halo that makes them always pleasing to the eye. You too, can be like them. It’s all about attracting positivity in your life. Start by smiling.


Oh come on! Who says you’re bedridden? Get those muscles moving! Take an early morning jog and release more endorphins! Try walking to your destination if it’s the sun is not so glaring. It’s about time that you get out of your home and welcome the world outside!

Experts suggest backyard sports like Frisbee, badminton and table tennis. However, if you seem to not have time for these sports (say, even on weekends) try doing a fifteen minute full-body stretch right after you wake up. It gives you time to meditate and plan your day ahead. Moreover, it also improves your flexibility. Work on it so you don’t have to ask someone to get the slipper stuck under the sofa again. It’s not yoga, but hey, you will get there.

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to eat a “special food” or buy “special equipment”. You will hate having to eat oatmeal and bananas for the rest of your life and without turning your state-of-mind the way it should be, the treadmill you might purchase will just look forlorn in one corner.

Youth is all about embracing life to the fullest. You can make youth eternal. Remember, Sex and the City? Samantha was still steaming hot even when she was fifty.

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