Sweeten Your Home And Feel Good

Tough routine brings about stress. Stress brings about (say it!) aging. While the rest of the world is turning out of your hand, you are most likely at home, savoring whatís left of your weekend after a looooong week of work. You feel tired, almost suicidal, and then, when you look at the mirror, you stare in horror. You just got hold of the worst news since Hurricane Katrina; you got wrinkles.

Be more than a boarder on your home! Beautify it! In this way, you wonít be dreading every waking moment in it. Add some spice in your routine. Trust me, it will bring out the young punk in you and you will forget youíre not getting any younger (well, physiologically).


Remember your pre-school picture where you are smothered in dirt and you still managed to flash a toothy grin? Remember your prom picture where you wore make-up even if itís against your will? They actually represent very good memories that can make you feel both nostalgic and cheerful at the same time. Seeing these memories triggers a part of the brain that recalls that memory and connects it with good moods.

Everybody knows that good moods bring out the best in us. It helps us become more optimistic through life and become more productive. Come on, you know thereís a lot more to think about than having a Botox injection or not.

You might have heard a lot of times that to stay young, you must smile all the time. With a lot of good memories haunting your home, whatís not to smile about?


Old = boring. Thatís how 90% of the world sees it and you canít help but agree. Look around your home. If the dominant color is anything neutral (gray, brown, black or white) then itís about time that you redirect your creativity. Neutral is boring. Pastels, neon linings and bold designs spell F-U-N!

If you canít remember the last time that youíve been fun then youíve really aged. Recollect the atmosphere of fun. However, do not mix a lot of colors at the same time. Consult with someone who is good in interior design or read interior design books to have a guide. This is important because you donít want your home looking like a day care center gone wrong.

Next, you can also consider filling your home with really good art. Put up bold paintings of local artists (local is cheaper but not necessarily of less quality). Frame good poetry on a fine quality paper with professional calligraphy. Even 10,000-piece puzzles and sophisticated cross-stitch pieces make good aesthetic treats. Choose carefully the quality of art that you put in your home. If you must, consult someone who finished a fine arts degree or even a college student of fine arts. Lastly, choose the art that you fall in love with. It should be something you can stand (and be happy) to see every single day.


There are certain foods that donít feel right when eaten every day. There are also certain foods which have the marvelous capability to make you feel better after eating it. Examples of feel-good food are those which are usually eaten after a break-up, a termination and after failing a subject.

Foods such as chocolate, ice cream, cakes are also connected with feel-good memories. Consider stocking up on these foods so whenever you feel like pigging out, do so in your own home and more importantly, do not apologize for it. Thatís one of the best features of youth. Hmm. Alcohol is optional too.

You may not be getting younger, but hey, you can ďretireĒ in your own home every day. Stay young, stay fun and stay passionate about life.

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