Staying At Home Is Not Always Equal To Staying Young

Exposing At-Home Dangers to Your Skin and Well-Being

Itís hard to imagine aging when youíre always in your home. No sun, no wrinkles. No free radicals, no need for antioxidants. However, if youíre still feeling grumpy; grumpy like youíre aging and you canít do anything about it, you can use some at-home tips to do wonders.


Look around you. If thereís so much clutter, dust, dirty laundry, these can really ignite your temper. Clean your home and fill it with soothing scents. Ever wonder why a sunset on a really clean bay with the sun glistening on the clear water looks so relaxing? Thatís it, cleanliness = good mood.

Save yourself from some self-nagging. Start picking the broom up and clean your surroundings. Classify the things that you need and not need in your desk. Your working area should also be clean so you can focus on your work faster and focus on your rest longer.

Speaking of rest, try putting lavender or chamomile powder on your sheets just before you sleep. These scents induce sleep-sanctifying hormones to help you get the sleep you deserve. You can also add candles, apply scented oil on your wrists and have feel-good books by the bedside table. Stay away from stressing self-help books. Experts advise love/happiness poetry, fast food fictions or even a diary. Keeping a diary is like befriending yourself. You can use an extra friend, right?


Your pores fluctuate depending on the humidity of the area. If itís cold, your pores will close. If itís warm, your pores will open. The ventilation in your home should be just right so your pores will not be very overworked. Notice that when itís too cold, your skin will also lack the moisture it needs. If your skin lacks moisture, when you get out of that cold area, your skin will overcompensate by producing more oil than usual. Yes, cold weather can breed unhealthy skin too.

If itís also hot, your natural oils (moisture) will mix with your sweat. And thatís dangerous. Sweat is dirt. Oil WILL become dirt. The equation to acne is actually dead cells/dirt + oil. There are different ways to look young, but to fake teenage acne is surely not the way to go.


Your skin is like a sponge. It absorbs all the things that is placed and applied into it.

It is important that you take note of the chemicals that you put on your skin. Read and analyze very carefully. Letís say you use a facial wash, a toner, a moisturizer and a face powder every day. Letís also assume that each of these things contain 20 chemicals. (Actually, thatís a conservative approximate.

Take a peek at the pack of your facial wash and toners; they contain compounds which you almost cannot read.) So every day, excluding the chemicals that may get to your skin when you go out, you take in at least 80 kinds of chemicals on your skin. It sounds glaring, right? However, the effects are not seen abruptly.

The best that you can do is to choose your toiletries right. Choose the most ďorganicĒ cosmetics, soaps, lotions, etc. There are a lot of cosmetic / toiletry product lines in the market which swear to be hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic (wonít clog your pores) and were not tested on animals. They may be a tad more expensive but trust me, theyíre worth it.

Staying young involves more than just taking care of your skin and your body. Remember to also keep a happy and optimistic state-of-mind to compliment the glow you have on your face!

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