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These were among the many hundreds of Articles and Reports we read and reviewed as we worked on our website Library


Web Surfers Revolt Against "Pushy" Advertising-by  Jim Edwards
2. Scientific Advertising, Ch.  6 "Psychology" by Claude C Hopkins
3. FREE SpamChecker -by the RP Staff. Keep your email, eZines, and Newsletters out of the Junk Mail Folders
4. Increase Sales By Flying Under Your Prospects' "Radar Defenses"  by  Jim Edwards
5. What's Your Unique Selling Point? Here's Expert advice on Why you need one and  How to Create your own Persuasive "USP".    by Neil Shearing
6.  A Web Business Primer by Neil Shearing. There are basically three models for starting a web-based business. Only two of which apply to the beginner....
7. Do You have the Right Attitude Toward Making Money Online?         by Terry Dean
8. Use the Internet to Grow Your Local Business by Jim Daniels - a "How-To" Report on using the Internet to grow profits -- even without a website. 
9. The Web's Best Kept Traffic Secret  this Report is nearly a "Mini-Course in itself. Another great article by Jim Edwards


Large Subscriber/OptIn mail lists are the Life Blood of every successful website business and newsletter. The RP Staff presents a  FREE eBook that will help you create your OptIn Strategy


 "What Your Perfect Customer Means To You" by Bob McElwain
"In selling any product or service, most people understand the importance of clearly defining the target market. For best results, however, go further. Define your Perfect Customer and "speak" only to this person."


"Ad Copy...You Forgot Step One!"  by Terry Dean,  who  explains in this article that the first rule of copywriting is.....


"The Other Side to Google AdWord Advertising".... A First Hand 'Step-by-Step' report that could help you get better results from this popular advertising method. It's all in this downloadable pdf eBooklet by Neil Shearing. Right Click here, save "Target As', download to your desktop, unZip to a favorite folder. (Re-brand it with your website URL or newsletter title and  distribute it freely).
14. If You Are Considering a WebSite for your Offline Business, this is a "Must See" report. It's The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center. This Link Directory May Change Your Business and your Future!  Find out how you could make it happen.


"Misconceptions about the USP". Read why the most misunderstood concept in Copywriting is the Unique Selling Proposition, as explained by Joe Robson.


"Skills for Using Forums" by Dr. jl Scott, founder of i-Cop. A forum is a type of community. Usually, there's a core group, and others come and go. A lot of people have to interact, and hopefully get along together. Read jl's tips on how to get the maximum benefit from your forum visits.
17. "A Viral Marketing Case Study" (The Key to Conversion) by Paul Myers. If you haven't seen it yet, it outlines how Paul < > made some changes to Scott Stratten's viral subscription process and took his subscription rate from 10 a day to (currently) 500-600 a day.
CLICK HERE to download the ZIP files for this ebook in PDF format.
18.  "How Headlines Help You Sell More Information on the Web."  by David Garfinkel. If you've been marketing information on the Web - or even THINKING about marketing on the Web -  surely you've heard many times how important headlines are..check this COURSE- Now  
    Learn the Key to Making More Money


"What's Your Opinion on PopUps?" You know that they aren't going away. Here's some of the story behind their popularity with advertisers, but not necessarily with the web surfing public.  by the RP Staff   


"Turn One-Time Hits into Repeat Traffic",   How to
get more traffic to their website is a challenge
faced by all website owners.
  Try these  6 useful tips used successfully by... Jim Edwards
22..  "Copywriting Tips the Pros Use"  Dozens of tips to help you write more effective headlines and sales copy... by well known and highly respected Joe Robson of the Newbie Club  
23. "Cool New 'Idea" Engine on the Block" Jim Edwards points out how to maximize your search for possible niche markets and keywords using the Amazon site
24.   NEW   A Preview of What to Expect When
               Creating your own Web Presence
Monitor displaying the website

You need a recognizable web presence to get people to visit and revisit your web sites and sales pages.

The greater your web presence, the sooner your name, website, blog, etc, will brand you as knowledgeable or even expert in your niche or field.

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