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Running An Energy Efficient Household


With going “green” being the new global mantra, home-owners are increasingly switching to energy saving mechanisms to lower household costs. Household electronics and appliances are much more energy efficient than they were generations ago. However, the sheer increase in the number of appliances and gadgets in use across the country mean that energy saving still remains a priority for the government. Larger electronic gadgets and high speed processing computer systems require greater amounts of power that can eat into your household budget.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has outlined the following guidelines for home owners to help them conserve energy and savings.

Use appliances with the Energy Star labels.

Unplug mobile phone chargers when they have been fully charged.

If your personal computers or lap top computers come equipped with energy conservation devices, make full use of them. Refer to the owner’s manual to see if other electronic equipments in your home offer such energy saving features.

Once you have finished watching a movie or playing a video game, make sure to switch off the television monitors and game consoles.

Make sure to plug your television sets and DVD players into power strips. Turn the power strips off when the gadgets are not in use especially over long periods of time.

There are a variety of new age automation products and services available today that enable you to control heating, lighting and cooling from a central point in the house.

Opt for multi function gadgets rather than buying one gadget for each function. Save fuel by shopping and banking on line. Discuss part-time telecommuting as a work option with your employer.

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