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Uncommon Energy Savings
Drapes & Curtains = Style and Energy Savings
Drafty House? Six Home Energy Saving Tips
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Energy Saving Windows
Home Energy Savings: New House Design and Energy Conservation
Home Energy Savings Tips: Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Top 10 Energy Saving Tips to Cut Your Fuel Bills
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Running An Energy Efficient Household
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Drapes & Curtains = Style and Energy Savings

Draperies are the quintessential and classic way to decorate your windows thereby adding elegance and flair to all decors. But, you now have to think about more than just the look of your window treatments. Energy efficiency is a huge issue in today’s energy conscious times. Even if global warming doe... Continue Reading...

Energy Saving Windows

Windows are one of the great energy-wasters of any house. About 25% of the total heat loss is from traditional double glazed sealed windows. New technology, however, has resulted in more efficient energy saving windows that can significantly cut down on heat loss. Heat loss is not the only concern with windows – they can also let in heat during summer weather. This can in... Continue Reading...

Running An Energy Efficient Household

With going “green” being the new global mantra, home-owners are increasingly switching to energy saving mechanisms to lower household costs. Household electronics and appliances are much more energy efficient than they were generations ago. However, the sheer increase in the number of appliances and gadgets in use across the country mean that energy saving still remains a priority fo... Continue Reading...


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