Different Types of Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are part of everybodyís household. Mowing is important to keep your lawn healthy and make it look good. Lawn mowers are the basic equipment for making your lawn attractive. There are different kinds of lawn mower that can suit your needs.

There are two basic types of lawn mowers, those that you push and the ones that you ride onto. They are different in size, design and the mechanics how they work which means they operate and cut your grass differently.

Push mowers can be operated manually, with gas or electricity. Reel style mowers are considered to be environmentally friendly since they only require pushing. Other push mowers available in the market include gas and electricity. Some gas push mower ownerís find fueling their mowers dirty and inconvenient.

There are even mower types based on their features. There are mulching lawn mowers which mulch the grass clippings and dispose them back out to the lawn. While, bagging and catching lawn mower collect the disposed grass into an attached bag. There are even lawn powers which feature both.

The first type and the most popular and widely used is called the rotary lawn mower. This type of lawn mower uses reel blades. This cuts the grass as it comes in contact with the blade. The secret is in the horizontally rotating blades.

The rotating blade of the rotary lawn mower makes it usable for uneven land areas in the garden. The height of the lawn mower blade is needed to be higher than it would with a cylinder lawn mower. The gap between the grass and the blade can be adjusted. This would make cutting the grass easy.

Meanwhile, the cylinder lawn mower can be used for getting a cleaner cut of grass. These mowers have a spiral blade wrapped around a cylinder. The grass is cut in a scissor like action. These kinds of lawn mowers are frequently used for putting greens or ornamental lawns which require cleaner cuts.

Because of its inexpensive price, the hover lawn mower became very popular. It also has rotating blades. But the difference is that these blades are not mounted on wheels, it rides on the cushion of air generated by the rotating blade. This concept made this kind of lawn mower appropriate for uneven lawns and difficult corners.

Another kind of lawn mower is the riding lawn mowers. These kind of lawn mowers are frequently used for large scale or big yards. They are also called lawn tractors. Mostly professional lawn services and government property maintenance departments use this kind riding lawn mowers. There are sitting and standing behind models of lawn mowers.

When choosing the best lawn mower for you, avoid getting overwhelmed by the glistening display of mowers in the showroom. You should always take into consideration your lawn and also your physicality. If you have a big lawn with few trees, then a riding lawn mower will be suitable for you. While, if you have a medium sized lawn will uneven land and a few scattered shrubs, then a regular push-mower will be what you need.

Reel mowers will give you the exercise that you need, while electric mowers are suitable for those with limited arm strength. When looking for new mowers, also consider how mowers dispose of its clippings and mulch.

Looking and getting the correct lawn mower for you should not be only based on what is the least expensive and what looks great in the catalogue, it should be worth the money you will be spending on it. Because this equipment will make your lawn appear healthier and attractive. At the same, you donít want to spend you weekend pushing or operating something that you donít really like.



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