Lawn Mower Accidents and Safety Measures

Lawn mower accidents have accompanied this garden invention ever since. In 1990 in America alone, there were 87,000 people who got injured because of lawn mower accidents. Safety measures should always be followed when operating a lawn mower.

The most common lawn mower accidents are:

• Caused by being in contact with a rotating lawn mower blade

• Caused by electrocution, specially when using electric powered lawn mowers.

• Running over people, sometimes even children, by a riding lawn mower specially when it is during its reverse.

• Skin burns when in contact with the engine casing

• Caused by a flying object that went into the lawn mower like stones and debris being fired out from the lawn.

• Caused by being toppled over and having the mower fall over the operators, when you are attempting to mow a steep bank or turn a tight corner.

To avoid falling victim of this mower accidents, there are some guides on what you can do to mow safely.

• When buying a new mower, you can choose a model that automatically stops the model when the control or the “Go” button is let go. With this feature, the blades only rotate when the operator pushes to ‘Go” button.

• Read the manual. Never assume that you already know how to operate it, since you’ve seen your friends use it. The manual will be your ultimate guide on how to operate the mower properly.

• Before operating the mower, make sure to remove small stone that might get into the blades. These small debris might get into the operator’s eyes or the eye’s of the other people around the yard. Or if unable to do so, you can always put on protective goggles to protect your eyes.

• Make sure to wear stout shoes, this would protect your feet from injuries as well. Steel toe-capped shoes are recommended since they will be able to protect your feet from the mower blades.

• Before putting your mower into use, check the safety guards and shields. They should be properly and securely in place. This would protect the blades in becoming in contact with other materials aside from grass.

• When using a riding lawn mower, make sure that the person operating it is properly in place. Age and height of course should be of course considered. Allowing a small child to operate it should never be allowed. Never leave the person who is operating the lawn mower unattended. Make sure that the children and pets are kept away properly from the mower specially when its backing away.

• Never allow children to sit on the lap of the operator as a passenger. They may affect the judgment of the operator.

• When refueling petrol mowers, make sure that the engine is turned off and cool. Make sure to refuel it outside so that the fumes will not be contained and heated in a closed area.

• Do not mow a wet lawn.

• If mowing a wet slope, do it slowly. Never go up and down.

• Never pull a running mower backward.

• When injured, treat the injury right away.

Lawn mower accidents can leave a very dark imprint on the operator and the family and friends of the victim. Its effects may even be psychological. Following the necessary guidelines, which are mentioned, could help you avoid injuries, accidents and being scarred for life.



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