How to Buy a Riding Lawn Mower

The riding lawn mower allows you to sit on the saddle and do the same work just like you are used to doing while standing. It has a lot of power and since there are many in the market, here are some tips to help you shop for one.

When looking for a lawn mower, pay attention to the deck. The best ones to get should measure between 38 to 42 inches so that you will be able to cut the lawn much faster. Donít forget to also check what obstacles there are. Getting the widest blade available is useful if there are trees along the path.

Since riding lawn mowers occupy a lot of space, make sure that there is sufficient room in your garage or tool shed to store this when it is not being used.

Some riding lawn mowers have the engine located in front while others have this in the back. If you want a more powerful engine, get the model that has this located in front. The only problem with this is that it is sometimes hard to see what is in front.

Riding lawn mowers are like cars because these are now equipped with speed controls. If you want to move fast or slow at certain times, you should get one that has a gear lever, foot pedal controls, clutch and brake combination or a hydrostatic-drive system without a clutch. The hydrostatic drive is the newest one around is $200 to $500 more expensive but easier to operate.

Naturally, your machine may break down before you know it. When shopping for it, make sure you get the best warranty available.

If possible, see if you can take the riding lawn mower for a test drive so you can see how well it moves, turns and brakes. You should also check how much gasoline it consumes, how comfortable the seat is and how easy it is to switch on or off.

Looking at the features of the riding lawn mower is not enough for you to decide which one to buy for your lawn. This is because of budget constraints which we have to deal with just like buying any other appliance or product.

When you cut grass, the debris shoots out on the side. See if the riding lawn mower allows you to put a garbage chute so you can collect it and dispose of properly or is able to have a mulching kit so this is cut to shreds.

The conventional lawn mower costs around $1600 to $3200. The ZTR series which is faster and more powerful starts at about $2600 and this can go as high as $7200. This does not yet include maintenance costs and gasoline.

If your front lawn is not that big, you should consider getting the push on type of lawn mower that will still be able to get the job done.

Donít rush into making any decision when you are buying a riding lawn mower. Just take your time and visit both big chain stores and small specialty outlets. If you want more information about their performance ask the sales person or go online because their opinion is important in this matter

For those who can wait, try looking during the months of March to May because this is the official lawn mower sale season.



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