How to Properly Use Your Lawn Mower

You should take proper care for your lawn mower. If this should break down, you will have to pay a lot of money to have it repaired or worse, buy a new one. Remember that lawn mowers are not cheap and if you donít want to push it, you may have to spend $500 or even more.

One way to take care of it is to know how to properly use it. You donít just push it in one direction and think that is all it takes because it takes skill and practice to be able to make the lawn look good after mowing.

There are three techniques which you have to master to make that happen.

First, make sure you are working with even lines. To do that, keep the wheels of your lawn mower at least 2 inches inside the last line that you cut.

Second, if there are a few hilly portions on your lawn, run your lawn mower across it so you are still able to keep the lines straight and also keep your footing.

Lastly, empty the lawn mower of clippings so it still able to do the job like it is supposed to because failure to do this will clog your machine

The best time to mow your lawn is when the grass is dry. This is because some grass may get stuck in between the mower blades making it difficult to cut the grass efficiently. It can even slow the rotation of the blades thus reducing the lawn mowerís cutting ability.

Another reason why you should only mow your lawn when the grass is dry is that stepping on the wet soil could damage the grass and roots. This will make your lawn look like a mess especially when all the water is gone.

While fungus and insects are always present in your lawn, it has been observed that there are only a few when the lawn is dry so the best time to mow the lawn is first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun has been out the whole day.

After you have worked on your lawn, there is one last thing to do and that is to do some basic maintenance. This will ensure that your lawn mower will be in good condition the next time you use it and also for the foreseeable future.

To do that, you should wash your lawn mower with water to remove grass clippings and dirt that did not go in the bag.

Since the lawn mower is made up of moving parts especially in the motor, you better put some oil as this will prevent the metal parts from rusting.

After that, you should have a place to store the lawn mower. This should be kept out of reach of children so they donít accidentally bring it out and hurt themselves. If possible, lock this up and make sure you are the only one who knows where the key is.

Mowing the lawn is a dirty job but someone has to do it. If you live in a neighborhood that has certain guidelines that everyone has to follow like the proper height of the grass, you better comply and to make sure that happens, you should inspect and clean your lawn mower so it is in good condition at all times.



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