Best Times to Work with Lawn Mowers

Many people agree that one can mow lawns anytime they want to, but do many people know that there are best times to work with lawn mowers to achieve good results?

Indeed, for a more advanced and serious approach to lawn mowing, one should understand the right timing and a basic understanding of how grasses grow and react to seasons, climates or even the peculiarities of each grass variety.

Be that as it may, grasses generally do have a lot of things in common and despite the fact that grass varieties have their own unique qualities, there are also a lot of similar ways to provide them with the best care possible, regardless of their variety.

Many gardening experts agree that warm season grasses begin to grow rapidly in June and would be advisable that mowing grass the right way would help one get good results.

Mowing grass at just the right height enhances high quality grass growth that will not only look good, but will also have its edge in competing over weeds.

On average, the desired height for grasses during these times would be around 1.5 to 2.5 inches tall.

When mowing with the manual push mowers, it is best advised to have all wheels set at the same notch to ensure even cutting.

When using ride-on mowers, it is also advised to make sure all the wheels are equally inflated to ensure a fairly balanced and even mowing level.
Always keep mower blades sharp to ensure a clean cut of grass blades.
Clean cuts on grass promotes faster healing of vegetation and less discoloration on grass blades, creating a barrier from invading fungi that causes uneven discoloration and uniform growth.

Mower blades must be removed from the lawn mower when sharpening and after the blade is sharpened, make sure it is installed back correctly.

Do not try to attempt mowing lawns in the rain, not only is it a hazard to the gardener, it also is damaging to the cut grass since tearing grass blades makes it susceptible to water borne diseases and fungi that could result to withering and unsightly bald patches on the ground.

There are also several reasons why rain could adversely affect the aesthetic value of your lawns and gardens.

As rain water comes in contact with the grass blade’s surface, it adds weight causing it to hunch over and when it is being mowed in that position, the grass blades tend to get pushed over by the mower blades or slide off, instead of it getting cut.

Wet grass also has the tendency to stick to the blades, oftentimes obstructing the mower blades from cutting grass less efficiently.
Wet grass also sticks to the mower's undercarriage, and as the mowing continues on it eventually gets too thick and impedes the mower blades thereby slowing down its rotation and diminishing the mower's cutting ability.

Many, if not most, mowers have mulching blades that create suction, which allows cut grass to get sucked up and cut into tiny pieces when it's dry.
However, wet grass clumps up and doesn't get mulched.

Clumped cut grass that are as large as a diameter of a tennis ball can weigh down and kill the grass underneath it in a matter of days and can result to ugly patches of dead grass.

But if it is necessary to mow in the rain due to unavoidable circumstances, the best thing, but not a sure fire guarantee that it will be as clean as it should be, is to mow the lawn or garden in passes with the blades turning fast at less than half of the width of the mower to minimize clumping.

As soon as the lawn dries out after the rain, be sure to follow it through by using a blower to speed up drying and dislodge clumps of cut grass.

It is best to be aware of knowing the best times to work with lawn mowers to guarantee good results.



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