Types of Lawn Mowers

Ever tried cutting grass using a pair of grass scissors? Itís not that hard but if you are working on a large area, how are you sure that the grass you cut from one end to the next is even? Chances are you wonít and this is why you need a lawn mower. The only question now is which one should you get?

There are now three types of lawn mowers in the market. The first is the push mower, the next is the ride on mower and lastly you have the robotic mower.

Push mowers do the job of the cutting grass by literally pushing it in the desired direction. Luckily, the new ones are powered by either gas or electricity so it is not as tiring as before.

The concern for those who use it though is the fact that it is messy especially since it is noisy and it contributes to air pollution. If you compare that with the more environment friendly version by simply using your strength to move it, this is less tiring.

One of the newest features with the push lawn mower is that some come with a bag. This allows you to cut the grass clippings so none of these are left behind and dispose of it properly.

The second type is the riding lawn mower which is often used in large yards and fields. Another name for this is the lawn tractor and it has great features as well. Some models can pull a cart in the back and other accessories to make the garden look good as new. You can choose form the sitting version or the stand behind model.

Third, you have the robotic lawn mower. Although quite heavy, these are powered by rechargeable batteries. The nice thing about this new age lawn mower is that once you guide it to the starting point, you can sit back, relax and wait for it to finish. When it is done, you simply guide it back to where it is stored and then recharge it.

The price of lawn mowers varies depending on the type, make and model. The lowest you will probably find is a little under $200 while the more high tech ones will go for $1,000 or even more.

Proper care and maintenance must be given to the lawn mower so you are able to enjoy it for the foreseeable future otherwise you just threw you hard earned dollars and have to replace this machine with a new one.

If you are in the market for a lawn mower, consider the area which needs to be mowed and how much is your budget. This will give you an idea what you should be looking for the next time you go out to the store.

One last thing to point out when you are looking for a lawn mower is to find out what are its safety features. More than 800,000 people get injured every year and if you want to be another statistic, see to it that the lawn mower has a blade shut-off switch or a dead man switch especially if you choose one that is not powered by your own physical abilities.

Technology has revolutionalized this basic household chore. If you happen to have a lawn, you will need at least one type of lawn mower.



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